Long Way Home

There is an unwritten policy in our company! Since we are a BPO and we work 24 hours in different shifts, there are employees being dropped or picked up from home during the early mornings or late at night. We have shifts ending at 10 pm, 12 am & 1 am. In these cases we have contracted cabs to drop us at our homes or rented places. The unwritten policy, which is more a way to behave or just plane being safe, is to make sure that no girl or girls get dropped to their homes alone, i.e. the guy being dropped last has to ensure that all the girls are dropped before he is. This is just being cautious. No one is attempting to be the dazzling knight in shining armour or anything of that sort. Twice, I have had to do that, since I only just started coming in night shifts.

The last time I didn’t know about it until I was actually in the 16 seater bus. Today, there were four of us in a car, with the other two guys getting off quite close to the office, and I volunteered to drop the young lady home. No other intention other than being helpful, because otherwise they would have to send a member of the security staff to accompany this girl till her home. The security guy would then find it tough to come back to his shift and that was not necessary since I was there. So I said, do not worry as I am there! I wanted to eat my words when I found out that her house was so far away and that it was a treacherous path to it! Maybe next time, I should keep my big mouth shut!!