Make Me A Slogan

I came to know in an email that I was one of the prize winners of a competition that was held on Tuesday. There were a few such competitions and one of them was creating a slogan for our client, namely, ‘I love working for because ________. What I entered was ‘I love working for because it’s SMILES apart from the rest! Corny, yeah, I know but it worked and I was given a prize! Some crummy book on customer satisfaction and stuff!

I got the prize at 4 pm today along with the other winners. I went on with my work until 4 pm when I had asked for the training team to have a meeting in order to discuss a few issues which we were facing. It took 90 mins or so. I left around 7 pm and saw that Arun had come home for a visit, his first here in the apartment. He stayed for a while and sat with my mom.

I am feeling really tired and sleepy now, so I gotta hit the sack. Goodnite people!

Song for the day – “Until It Sleeps” – METALLICA