The World Goes On

Anyone who has read my blog for a few entries would know by now what I like to do on Sundays. The routine changes very little and it might be a little sad but I do not get that much free time and working 6 days a week only leaves me with Sunday to relax and do what I want. However, what I want to do normally takes a lot more money so I just do the simpler things.

Today I headed over to have some triple sec frappe and a muffin before I went to get my hair cut @ Mama Mia’s. My hair was growing quite a bit unruly and difficult to manage, what with the balding spot & the condition of my scalp! Dandruff, my dear friends – it comes and it goes. I do not have a permanent remedy for it. Anyway, I had it cut short so that it is easy to manage and I must admit, I look a bit younger. But the hair is going at an alarming rate and my threat to shave it all off is looking more and more likely to come true. Why not? Just shave the damn head clean and shrug off the balding! If I wasn’t fat I would have done it a long time back.

After that and being astonished at the amount of hair that I had left on the ground, I went to get some rum & pepsi for a change. But to tell you the truth, I am so conditioned by vodka now that nothing else really tastes good enough. And also, I seem to have lost the desire to drink pepsi or coke! It tasted terrible on it’s own.

Three deaths by accident in the span of three days – a former colleague of mine lost her younger brother & sister when their bike hit a road median and they fell onto the path of a speeding bus. The tires of the bus snapped their heads and they both died instantaneously! The boy was just 18 and his sister was 21 or so. I had seen the boy once last year. Then today while I was speaking to a friend, he got a call saying that his uncle had died as a result of a truck hitting his scooter in Thrissur. And you say that there is a god?

Song for the day – “Row Him Home” – NICKY MEHTA

It’s All Greek To Me

I am not trying to offend the Greeks who actually live in Greece. Not at all! But it seems to me that Greeks who live in other countries are quite prominent and make a name for themselves. In all fields that you can think of, you have a famous person of Greek origin / ethnicity, full or partial. From the US, in the movies & tv you have the lovely Maria Menounos, Jennifer Anniston, Angie Harmon, Hank Azaria, John Stamos, Olympia Dukakis. You have the illusionist Criss Angel (real name Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos). In Politics you have Michael Dukakis. In the NHL you have Chris Chelios, the old man of hockey. In sports you have retired ‘soccer’ player Alexi Lalas & tennis superstar Pete Sampras. In music you have Tommy Lee & Athena Kottak (Lee’s sister) & Constantine Maroulis.

Greek-Canadians are varied as in former WWE star Trish Stratus, former NHL star Chris Kontos, actors Elias Koteas, Nia Vardalos, John Ioannou and the late John Colicos. You have tv personality George Stroumboulopoulos & Comedian Angelo Tsarouchas.

Australia’s Greek community boasts of tennis star Mark Philippoussis, footballer Stan Lazaridis, actors & brothers Costas & Louis Mandylor & singer Peter Andre.

From the UK we have actress Marina Sirtis (of Star Trek fame), singers George Michael (of the gay flashing infamy) & Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam .

Who is my fav of these people? Marina Sirtis & Elias Koteas.