Wooden Board & Coins

Carroms is the indoor game loved by millions and being played in several homes, especially during the rainy season as outdoor games & passtimes might prove tricky with the downpour. My office has given is three carrom boards (one for each floor) in order for us employees to kill time and as the first step to bring some recreational activities in an otherwise dull environment. They have proven to be a hit, since we have no other distraction, other than restricted internet access and that too only from the supervisory level onwards. Hence everyone is wanting to have a turn at the carrom board.

Ofcourse I went and played a couple of games, although my carrom skills are very, very rusty having not played in over 7 years or so. This brings back memories of my cousins & I playing this game over several rainy days or during the late evenings when there were nothing else interesting to do to kill time during out sumer holidays. Ah, those were the days. Then when I was 21, I met some of my cousins from Scotland for the first time and some of them liked playing carroms a lot! I remember particularly my cousin Sreeharshan aka Skibby, who is about 12 or 13 years younger than me, and who used to pester me every two hours by asking “You wanna play kaaarrrrroooooms?”

And I would always indulge him and play a few rounds. Once he even told me that we should have brough the carrom board with us….we were in a movie theatre along with some other relatives watching a Malayalam movie and he was bored!

Daddy needs a new pair of glasses

I need a new pair of glasses! My current pair, bought early in 2005, is now on its last legs and dying an ugly death. It has seen it’s share of movies, scenery, women, bars & webpages. It needs to rest and go to sleep now. It has a broken nose guard kinda thingy and the edge hurts my nose. And it is dirty oh so dirty. It also has a screw loose. It is time to retire it – I know it, you know it and even the spectacles know it! I would have and should have changed them ages ago but I am so lazy. Next month’s agenda – get a new pair of glasses!

I also need to buy new clothes man! The ones I have are good, no issue there, but I have so few of them. I think two shirts next month will do. Maybe even get a new pair of blue jeans. I never can seem to take care of my money properly. I have 9 days left in this month and I am running short on cash.

I seem to have forgotten about something that I was supposed to do today. I just can’t, for the life of me, remember what the fuck it was. But I know that I have forgotten to do something. Have you had that kind of feeling? You know that you meant to do something today but you just can’t remember it! What could it be? Oh well! Time to get ready for work.

Oh….was that it? Nah!

Song for the day – “Blue Bird” – ANTHONY GOMES


The blog post I entered earlier about my top 11 Brendan Fraser movies, made me go online and try to find some of his movies to stream. Cause truth be told, I haven’t seen him on cable or otherwise on any film that doesn’t co-star a Mummy, in a long time! And this is one guy who I like watching, since he is a loveable goof. So I was clicking along and found a stream of his 1994 movie Airheads. This movie co-stars two other comedian actors, Steve Buscemi & Adam Sandler, who play bass & drums respectively in the fictional band (for the movie) the Lone Rangers. Fraser is the lead singer & guitarist of the trio, who get turned down by every music producer. Finally they get their demo tape (which plays a huge part in the movie) into a local radio station, which helped promote a now famous band. They are turned down by the station manager, who calls their music ‘thrash’. The trio use water guns, which look convincingly like uzis and demand that their music be played on the air. The tape is played but the reel gets damaged, hence the trio must get the copy from Fraser’s character’s girlfriend.

Also, Michael Richards (‘Kramer’ from Seinfeld) plays an employee in the radio station who calls the cops upon finding out that the band has taken the station manager & dj hostage. The Dj helps the guys out and they sign a contract with a big producer. They are told that they can play at a big stage but find out that they were to lip sync, which they refuse to do and they go on to smash the equipment, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. The end credits state that the three go to prison for a short time and they release an album that goes platinum and success is finally theirs.