My Plate Is Full

Ok, so I was on leave yesterday since I wasn’t feeling all that good. But I can’t believe how much stuff is piling up on me. I think that from now till the 23rd of the month things are going to be trying for me and my patience is going to be tested full time. I can’t imagine if someone asks me to do one more thing! My response may not be pleasant and those faint of heart will not be able to survive the shock.

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So a project on quality, one on research, one on product (this is something I do every month), one more on implementation (that alone will take 5 hours a day) and another week of reports! All which will end on the 23rd, I am hoping. I am going crazy just thinking of it.

And then there is the lunch/dinner on Saturday, which will take up my entire day. And Vinitha’s wedding on the following Monday! That is in Thrissur! But I am seriously thinking of coming back straight to the office and working a 9 hour shift after the wedding. I hope to leave there in 2 hours. I’ll wait and see. For now, I am just hoping to start two things tomorrow and then prepare for Saturday’s function.

Song for the day – “Gentle Seduction” – OSCAR LOPEZ

Penguins New Outfit

Pittsburgh Penguins survived financial loss, a possible move away from their city, heartbreak, the retirement of Mario Lemieux, horrible form…and in two years are one possibly one of the top 3 most exciting teams to watch! How about that! They unveiled their Rbk uniforms on the 5th. Look for Crosby, Staal & Malkin jerseys to sell out in weeks.

Here are some Penguins players modeling the new jerseys – Maxime Talbot, Ryan Whitney,  Brooks Orpik & Ryan Malone.

Turgeon Hangs Up His Skates

19 year NHL veteran Pierre Turgeon has called it quits. The 38-year-old Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec native was limited to only 17 games last season with the Colorado Avalanche because of groin and calf injuries. “It’s with confidence that I’m going to begin this new chapter in my life,” Turgeon said at a news conference Wednesday to announce his retirement. “Hockey is a team sport, and I admit my teammates will be greatly missed.” Turgeon was an unrestricted free agent. He had 515 goals and 1,327 points in 1,294 career games. Turgeon won the Lady Byng Trophy for sportmanship and gentlemanly conduct while playing for the New York Islanders in 1993. As for his future plans, Turgeon said in the short-term he’ll coach his daughter Elizabeth’s under-16 girl’s hockey team.

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