Party Time

I was up till 2:30 or 3 am last night (today morning) sorting out the mistakes I and others in my team had made for today’s ceremony & party. It is so bad to make those mistakes but I guess that it is inevitable when you do not get that much time to concentrate on that task. It was very evident today, although to tell you the truth, almost everyone had a great time at the lunch / dinner today. I woke up a little before 8 am and got ready and left for the hotel in order to reach there by 10 am. No one else was there, so I just checked out the hall that was there for the purpose and once I confirmed it, I went out to get my medicine, since the others would take some time in getting there. I came back to the hall 20 minutes later and waited a bit more for the others to arrive. As soon as they did, we sorted out the things we were supposed to do before lunch. By 11:45 people started pouring in and we started some energizer activities. We clicked photos, we laughed, we sang and we shouted. It was fun. Lunch came soon enough and we enjoyed talking and having the delicious food that was served.

Then it was a break for 3 1/2 hours while the training team prepared for the next batch to come in at 6 pm. We came out with a drama based on the hit classic movie Sholay but with dialogues that suited our industry and that was a real blast. It was nice to see management taking it in all good spirit and joining in, since it must have been a bit embarrassing for them. But that was a great hit amongst the audience. Both times the certificates were handed out and our team was given an ovation & appreciation for conducting this event that was good for everyone.

There are the girls from my department who I have baptized as the ‘Power Puff Girls’

Later, as everyone left, me & Neil took a bus to High Court and went to have a few drinks. I had sensibly eaten less for lunch, even skipping the delicious looking desert and eat a bit more for dinner. Neil, however, young chap that he is, stuffed himself silly both times. As a result, he was feeling very bloated and full. But we headed over to Velocity and had 3 large vodkas+sprite. As soon as we left the bar, Neil puked out his entire contents of lunch & dinner. What a way to end the night!

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Song for the day – “Nothing, But A Good Time” – POISON