Way To Go Yamini

My little cousin Yamini, who I never get to see but I chat with once in a while on Google Talk, sent me a mail about something that made her so damn happy. She is studying journalism in Manipal and during the summer she had to an internship somewhere. She was chosen to do it at a magazine called RAVE or RAVE INDIA which is about music in the sub-continent & international music which is popular here and about the lifestyle that surrounds it. I haven’t really been into the mag but I sure am gonna save the link to one of their recent issues.

See, cause Yamini, now back at her college, was just browsing through the links in the magazine’s online version, when she hit upon the album reviews section and found this. She has two of her album reviews published in the magazine! And she didn’t even know about till right then! She must have jumped over the moon, cause I know that this means a big deal to her. She reviewed two albums by rock bands and they put it on print and in their website! I am so PROUD of you. Imagine – my little cousin the writer, the music review! It’s seems just like yesterday that she was a little terrorizing pre-teen. Aww shit, here comes the tears!

She sent this to me on Tuesday but I only read it this morning. Yamini, I pronounce this day in your honour. Have a great day sweetheart.

You Piss Me Off

I am so fucking pissed right now that I can’t seem to put down my frustrations into words. I tried last night after I reached home to vent out my anger but I just could not. It was boiling inside me and I was getting so depressed. It’s regarding a change in something at work which we (that means my teammates in the training department) at the office had enquired about while joining up and confirmed that it wouldn’t be there. I have been quite vocal about it in the past. Now, 8 months after we have joined they, upper management, have thrown us a curve ball! And that way that they did it, in that underhanded and rehearsed way, showed their true colours.

Calling us for a training on ‘People Management’ and then trying to get us to do what they want, without telling us. The DGM was sounding so fake and pretentious when she wanted us to come out and say & commit to what she wanted us to do but we weren’t saying it and neither did she says it out loud. Then the new manager, some doufus bodyguard hired muscle, from the way he spoke and acted, acted his part and tried to get us to introduce ourselves and get to know us. He put down a few things that we are supposed to do, that makes no sense as there are other people hired to do those things. That is not what we signed up to do.

I don’t care whose feathers I ruffle anymore. I want to quit and if didn’t need cash immediately at the beginning of every month or if I had some reserve money, I would walk out today! Unfortunately I can’t do that and neither can my friends but it is tempting. The job hunt is on. I do not want to work for these fuckers!

Song for the day – “Needled 24/7” – CHILDREN OF BODOM