This is a movie that I have been wanting to watch for over 18 months or so, from when I read about it. Serenity is a movie based on the short lived Firefly Sci-fi series, written & directed by Joss Whedon. The movie stars the series cast of Nathan Fillion as Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds, Gina Torres as Zoe Washburne (nee Alleyne), Alan Tudyk as Hoban “Wash” Washburne, Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra, Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb, Jewel Staite as Kaylee Frye, Sean Maher as Simon Tam & Summer Glau as River Tam.

As fans of the series will know, it’s 500 years into the future and mankind has abandoned Earth and moved onto another galaxy, living on several planets. The People on the “central planets” pursue a wealthy and cultured lifestyle and are tightly ruled by the Alliance. In contrast, life on the partially-colonized “outer rim” planets more closely resembles that of the American Old West. The crew of the cargoship Serenity ekes out a living in the outer rim, dodging both Alliance regulation and attacks from savage spacefaring cannibals known as Reavers.

River is captured by the Alliance in order to use her physic abilities and at the beginning of the film, she is rescued by her brother Simon and taken back aboard the Serenity. The Alliance unleash The operative, a self-described monster with no name, rank, or official existence, to search for the two fugitives. Against Simon’s wishes, Malcolm brings River along on a bank heist on Lilac, which is interrupted by a Reaver attack. After the team’s narrow escape to Serenity, Simon tells Mal that he and his sister will leave the ship after receiving their payment for the job. As Mal meets his heist cohorts at a bar on Beaumonde, River suddenly begins attacking the patrons. After subduing her, Mal brings her and her brother back to the ship, and the crew contacts a reclusive techno-geek called Mr. Universe, who analyzes the bar’s security camera footage and discovers that River’s assault was triggered by a subliminal message.

Malcolm receives a message from Inara, who is held captive on her world by The Operative. Knowing it is a trap, Malcolm comes to get Inara and fights the Operative, barely escaping back to Serenity. When they go to the planet Haven, they see their friend Sheppard and his people killed. The Operative has tracked all the friends of the Serenity crew and killed them. Malcolm orders his crew to disguise Serenity as a Reaver ship; they need to get the planet Miranda and it is beyond Reaver space. Miranda is where they will find answers to what is troubling River. They find out that Miranda was a habitable planet but its cities are empty except for corpses. The crew finds a transmission from an Alliance officer, who explains that the Alliance attempted to achieve permanent peace and harmony by adding a drug designed to suppress aggression to the planet’s atmosphere. Instead, the drug suppressed the people’s motivation to do anything, and they died of starvation. However, 0.1% of the population experienced the opposite reaction: they became the hyperviolent Reavers.

The crew wants to submit this message to the whole human population but The Operative stands in the way. He and Malcolm fight it out on Mr.Universe’s planet while the rest of the crew fight off the Reavers. Mr.Universe is killed by The Operative and Wash is killed by the Reavers’ harpoon. Meanwhile, River begins to get over her fears and saves the injured crew all by herself. Malcolm wins the battle and plays the tape, which alters the Operative’s views on killing River & her friends. He orders the Alliance soldiers not to kill the crew. The crew bury Sheppard, Mr.Universe & Wash and head back once the repairs on the ship is done.

Rain Comes In

The most pertinent word for me right now is ‘doh’! Reason?

It was a bit warm last night and hence I left the windows open, something I do only if there is a light rain and so getting some cool wind. Well last night or rather in the early morning today, it did start to rain and it rained heavily at times. The wind kept blowing the rain water through the open windows, right onto my bed and onto me. It wasn’t enough to wake me up however. When I woke up at 8, I noticed that the bed was moist and so was I. I had a sore throat and, a bit later, a cold and fever.

Taking a crocin and drinking lots of hot black coffee didn’t do much so I called in sick and decided to rest by taking naps. I did watch some tv (two movies) but mostly. I cooked myself some instant noodles and had some Lays as well. My hair feels like it’s all about to fall off and my throat is still sore but I am glad that it appears that my fever has mostly gone away. I am still feeling very tired though. Well, a good, dry night’s sleep should do me a world of good.

Song for the day – “Antepasaos” – JERONIMO MAYA

Those Crazy Celebs

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  • Kid Rock, who was involved in a punch up with Tommy Lee @ the MTV Video Awards, stated that it had nothing to do with Pamela Anderson! He claims that while he & Pam were going through a divorce, Lee took her Blackberry and sent Rock vulgar emails. Rock also stated that the altercation has been building up for 5 years!
  • One of the Backstreet (Gay) Boys has defended Britney Spears less than impressive lip-sync performance at the same awards! He says that if she really puts her mind to it and stays focused and stops going out and kind of allowing herself to be easily distracted, she can get her career back. Ofcourse he would defend her – they both make crappy music!!
  • Shakira has gone back to school! What school? The school of ass shaking singers whose voice sounds like sand paper being rubbed against a metal pipe?
  • And oh shit! That little white shit Eminem is making a new album. NOOOOO! I though he quit the business. What a rip-off!
  • And in actual music new, Led Zepplin is reuniting. Organizers of the November 26th concert in tribute to Ahmet Ertegun say the lineup will be Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, with John Bonham’s son Jason on drums. The one time only reunion will be at the O2 stadium in London, England.

A Sound Of Thunder

Ed Burns & Ben Kingsley star in this science fiction movie based on the concept of time travel. The movie got a negative reviews all round for it’s poor special effect (the creatures aren’t remotely life like) and the acting (it’s like the actors never got into it). A Sound of Thunder is a 2005 film directed by Peter Hyams, which is loosely based on the short story of the same name by Ray Bradbury. A time machine is built and businessmen are using it to provide an exhilarating adventure to people with cash – to go back in time and shoot a dinosaur. Travis Ryer (Ed Burns) has been trained to lead these safaris. On one of these safaris, the guides are escorting two men along a path. They are attacked by an Allosaurus and the leader’s gun fails, so the allosaurus does not die when it was scheduled to do so–thus breaking one of the rules of time travel. Panicked by the attack, one of the explorers steps off the path in an attempt to ensure his own safety. The guides exchange gun parts with another gun, kill the allosaurus and return through the time portal. Unseen to the explorers, a muddy footprint has been left just off the path.

That sets off changes in the timeline and in waves of time warping, sudden drastic effects happen to the earth. First the heat wave in November and then attack of deadly insects and shrubs, trees & vines sprouting all over the cities. Ryer goes off to find Dr. Rand, who invented the time travel machine, but she refuses to help at first. Rand does explain that since they altered something in the past, the future will proceed to change in a series of “time waves.” She says that the changes can’t all happen at once, and that they will proceed in order of evolution: first, everything will reset, then the vegetation will change, then wildlife, and finally humans.

Various ‘evolutionzed’ creatures (a huge lizard that has the head of a baboon and huge fish with sharp teeth!!) start attacking humans and kills off the rest of the scientific team, leaving on Rand & Ryer. They manage to send Ryer back in time just to meet up with the party and stop what started the whole mess – one of the client’s stepping on a butterfly. As soon as the event is altered, everything goes back to the way it should be.

The movie leaves you feeling unsatisfied and unconvinced about the theory but I have always thought that if could change one thing about an event back in time, however minor, then you change history. The movie sucks though!

According to the film, the established rules of time travel are:

  1. Don’t bring anything back.
  2. Don’t leave anything behind.
  3. Don’t change anything in the past.

The World’s Worst Credit Card

Golb at Money, Matter, and More Musings has located the worst credit card in the world. It is designed to prey on subprime borrowers who, sadly, cannot get a better card…

Meet the Continental Finance MasterCard. After all the fees have been collected, it has a credit limit of $53. From MMMM:

  • Account setup fee: $99
  • Program participation fee: $89
  • Annual fee: $49
  • Account maintenance fee: $120 (charged @ $10/month)
  • Purchase APR: 19.92%
  • Authorized user fee: $30 (great! seems like $53 credit is a bit too much for a single person to handle)
    end of the line dvd
  • Credit limit increase fee: $25 (and you don’t even have to ask for it!)
  • Internet payment fee: $4 for each authorized internet payment.

Damn. This card is shockingly awful. And to make matters worse: Golb points out that if you use this card to repair your credit history you’re stuck with it because canceling the account will shorten your credit history and drop your score. What a headache!

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