My Religious Colleague

My company’s client are going through a huge changeover today, something that means big bucks and lots of opportunities. I also hope that this means much better quality standards in the way that they run their business. That is needed a lot.

We are planning a huge event at the office premises and once again I have been roped in as a volunteer. Or better put, I was ‘volunteered’ by a senior manager. I guess there is no way for me to weasle my way outta this. But it can be fun, provided things happen properly.

One of my colleagues sent some of us in an email√ā¬†an old joke about an atheist professor who gets humiliated by one of his students who is a believer. The lines in it are lame; you can’t see the professor’s brain but it’s supposed to be there, so therefore there is a god. Ha ha ho ho, very funny! So I sent him back some anti-Christianity emails and stuff that has been done in the name of religion & god!

He has promised√ā¬†never to send me such bullshit again! ;)