Saturday Is Here

Last evening was fun at times and boring at other times. We did get to plug a few phones & my iPod shuffle to the speakers and blast a few good rock songs for a couple of hours. That was fun.

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I need to get my new glasses today that have been waiting for me for a little over a week. My current ones are barely in one piece. I also have a craving for some wonderful coffee at CCD.

I’m not looking forward to the meeting that my department is to have with upper management about the issue that we have. I haven’t had any progress on the new job hunt and I need to step it up next week. The meeting may decide whether I remain at the office or not (solely my choice, cause I know that I am wanted there as I do a good job but I am not ready to accept bullshit) or how long I will remain. I have decided not to remain but it all hinges on me finding a better paying job elsewhere. I do not want to just join any old place that pays less or with a worse position. But how much nonsense can you bear?