Downtime- What I Do Offline to Recharge

  • I must admit, coffee is one of my addictions. I don’t have many, just a couple, but this one is an outright addiction. I would rather drink 3 cups of strong black coffee than have breakfast. I would rather drink 4 cups of coffee than have dinner or lunch. That is an illness.
  • Reading. I read novels. I like to spend hours on my bed reading something by John Grisham, Michael Crichton or Stephen King. I also like to drink coffee while I read.
  • Music! I listen to music and now I have my 1GB iPod shuffle along with the 1GB memory stick on my cell. Life isn’t worth living without rock music.
  • Watching Sports on tv. Football is one sport that I follow as much as I can on tv, although I must say that it’s a lot less than I want it to be. Ideally I would want to watch 2 games each on Saturday & Sunday and probably a game or two during the week. And I want really good choices for matches that they show on the sports channels.
  • Drinking & Hanging out with my friends. Especially Anil Alappatt & Madhu Nair. These guys are my best friends since the last few years. We worked together in Aspin Wall back in 2003 and have been buds since then. It usually is great fund when we get together and we aren’t too noisy either.
  • And watching a good movie or tv series. Nothing beats a good movie. With the Starship Enterprise coming out as the victor in the end.

What do you guys do?

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Could I Quit My Day Job

watch night train online I wonder how many of you ask yourselves this question each day. How many of you want to be able to afford quitting your job and walk out the door knowing that this is the last time that you’ll be in that office. Being able to strut and walk with a little bounce in your step. Heaving a sigh that the ordeal is over. Looking an arrogant employer at his face and telling him off and / or flipping the bird. Doesn’t that sound great in your head? Don’t you already have a song picked out that will be playing in the background if you were doing that? I certainly do.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Can I really afford to quit my job, without finding a new one immediately or finding one first and then quiting? The second one is the wise way to go about things. But the temptation is there to throw caution to the wind and march straight in and say “I Quit” and set sail. I wish I could do that. I just can’t do it at the moment. I get my monthly salary on the last day of the month, by which time I would be down to my last Rs.100 of the previous month. That is just not done.

So I don’t have enough as backup in case I want to quit. Otherwise I would. Immediately! And what about you? Whoever reads this entry, please enter in the comment about your feelings.