Rain Comes In

The most pertinent word for me right now is ‘doh’! Reason?

It was a bit warm last night and hence I left the windows open, something I do only if there is a light rain and so getting some cool wind. Well last night or rather in the early morning today, it did start to rain and it rained heavily at times. The wind kept blowing the rain water through the open windows, right onto my bed and onto me. It wasn’t enough to wake me up however. When I woke up at 8, I noticed that the bed was moist and so was I. I had a sore throat and, a bit later, a cold and fever.

Taking a crocin and drinking lots of hot black coffee didn’t do much so I called in sick and decided to rest by taking naps. I did watch some tv (two movies) but mostly. I cooked myself some instant noodles and had some Lays as well. My hair feels like it’s all about to fall off and my throat is still sore but I am glad that it appears that my fever has mostly gone away. I am still feeling very tired though. Well, a good, dry night’s sleep should do me a world of good.

Song for the day – “Antepasaos” – JERONIMO MAYA

Those Crazy Celebs

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  • Kid Rock, who was involved in a punch up with Tommy Lee @ the MTV Video Awards, stated that it had nothing to do with Pamela Anderson! He claims that while he & Pam were going through a divorce, Lee took her Blackberry and sent Rock vulgar emails. Rock also stated that the altercation has been building up for 5 years!
  • One of the Backstreet (Gay) Boys has defended Britney Spears less than impressive lip-sync performance at the same awards! He says that if she really puts her mind to it and stays focused and stops going out and kind of allowing herself to be easily distracted, she can get her career back. Ofcourse he would defend her – they both make crappy music!!
  • Shakira has gone back to school! What school? The school of ass shaking singers whose voice sounds like sand paper being rubbed against a metal pipe?
  • And oh shit! That little white shit Eminem is making a new album. NOOOOO! I though he quit the business. What a rip-off!
  • And in actual music new, Led Zepplin is reuniting. Organizers of the November 26th concert in tribute to Ahmet Ertegun say the lineup will be Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, with John Bonham’s son Jason on drums. The one time only reunion will be at the O2 stadium in London, England.

A Sound Of Thunder

Ed Burns & Ben Kingsley star in this science fiction movie based on the concept of time travel. The movie got a negative reviews all round for it’s poor special effect (the creatures aren’t remotely life like) and the acting (it’s like the actors never got into it). A Sound of Thunder is a 2005 film directed by Peter Hyams, which is loosely based on the short story of the same name by Ray Bradbury. A time machine is built and businessmen are using it to provide an exhilarating adventure to people with cash – to go back in time and shoot a dinosaur. Travis Ryer (Ed Burns) has been trained to lead these safaris. On one of these safaris, the guides are escorting two men along a path. They are attacked by an Allosaurus and the leader’s gun fails, so the allosaurus does not die when it was scheduled to do so–thus breaking one of the rules of time travel. Panicked by the attack, one of the explorers steps off the path in an attempt to ensure his own safety. The guides exchange gun parts with another gun, kill the allosaurus and return through the time portal. Unseen to the explorers, a muddy footprint has been left just off the path.

That sets off changes in the timeline and in waves of time warping, sudden drastic effects happen to the earth. First the heat wave in November and then attack of deadly insects and shrubs, trees & vines sprouting all over the cities. Ryer goes off to find Dr. Rand, who invented the time travel machine, but she refuses to help at first. Rand does explain that since they altered something in the past, the future will proceed to change in a series of “time waves.” She says that the changes can’t all happen at once, and that they will proceed in order of evolution: first, everything will reset, then the vegetation will change, then wildlife, and finally humans.

Various ‘evolutionzed’ creatures (a huge lizard that has the head of a baboon and huge fish with sharp teeth!!) start attacking humans and kills off the rest of the scientific team, leaving on Rand & Ryer. They manage to send Ryer back in time just to meet up with the party and stop what started the whole mess – one of the client’s stepping on a butterfly. As soon as the event is altered, everything goes back to the way it should be.

The movie leaves you feeling unsatisfied and unconvinced about the theory but I have always thought that if could change one thing about an event back in time, however minor, then you change history. The movie sucks though!

According to the film, the established rules of time travel are:

  1. Don’t bring anything back.
  2. Don’t leave anything behind.
  3. Don’t change anything in the past.

The World’s Worst Credit Card

Golb at Money, Matter, and More Musings has located the worst credit card in the world. It is designed to prey on subprime borrowers who, sadly, cannot get a better card…

Meet the Continental Finance MasterCard. After all the fees have been collected, it has a credit limit of $53. From MMMM:

  • Account setup fee: $99
  • Program participation fee: $89
  • Annual fee: $49
  • Account maintenance fee: $120 (charged @ $10/month)
  • Purchase APR: 19.92%
  • Authorized user fee: $30 (great! seems like $53 credit is a bit too much for a single person to handle)
    end of the line dvd
  • Credit limit increase fee: $25 (and you don’t even have to ask for it!)
  • Internet payment fee: $4 for each authorized internet payment.

Damn. This card is shockingly awful. And to make matters worse: Golb points out that if you use this card to repair your credit history you’re stuck with it because canceling the account will shorten your credit history and drop your score. What a headache!

Taken from a post @ Consumerist.com

Sunrise Over Sea – The John Butler Trio

At the age of 16 American born Australian roots & blues singer / guitarist John Butler learned to play guitar on his grandfather’s dobro given to him by his grandmother. Based around the city of Perth, John started busking before achieving his current fame. After starting the trio, two of the band’s albums — Three (2001) and Living 2001-2002 (2003) — have gone platinum in Australia and reached the top ten of the Australian album charts in those years. The 2004 album Sunrise Over Sea debuted at number one on the Australian charts on March 15, 2004 reaching gold record status in its first week on sale. The John Butler Trio: John Butler (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar); Shannon Birchall (double bass); Nicky Bomba (drums, djembe, percussion).

Treat Yo Mama Butler demonstrates he knows how to do commercial singalongs too with the obvious crowd pleaser, in a cigarettes & whiskey roots blues track about Mother Earth. Peaches & Cream shows his nod to reggae and the song, from where the album title is taken, is a nod to his home in Byron Bay. I absolutely love the beginning of Company Sin; shame on you if the catchy chorus doesn’t repeat in your head over & over again. It also had a bluesy guitar solo that fits the song, about eradicating large corporates, perfectly. Butler’s voice starts resembling RHCP’s Antony Keidis from this point onwards. It’s about a young man, Ben, who joins work in the mines in Australia and is plagued by guilt on his company’s sin – the destruction of land which is sacred to the Aborigines. He gets relieved when he finally gets sacked.

What You Want is the first single, a song that reminds me of the ocean, is about a breakup. Damned To Hell is a song about how the greedy cannot find absolution in heaven and will be damned to be punished in hell. Hello is a wake up call to someone who wastes their life away to drugs or some other addiction and tells them that they are missing things. Bound To Ramble is about loving life on the road and the love of travel in Australia. Seeing Angles is about someone who changes your life. There’ll Come A Time is about what will happen if we continue to rape the earth.

Zebra is the first single off the album, about all the different things he could be, representing the different types of people that populate this world, and accepting each of these people for who they are, about diversity if you will. Gotta love the wah pedal drenched guitar solo in it man. Mist is this celtic vibe instrumental piece that if you close your eyes, will take you away to Ireland & Scotland. Old Man is about aging and how life eventually comes to an end. Album closer Sometimes is about making compromises with people you don’t agree with for the betterment. It starts so gently and slowly and then builds up in volume.

The result is a diverse album of mixed influences yet the final mix is a heady potion that is one for the ages.

Song for the day – “Company Sin” – THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO

Way To Go Yamini

My little cousin Yamini, who I never get to see but I chat with once in a while on Google Talk, sent me a mail about something that made her so damn happy. She is studying journalism in Manipal and during the summer she had to an internship somewhere. She was chosen to do it at a magazine called RAVE or RAVE INDIA which is about music in the sub-continent & international music which is popular here and about the lifestyle that surrounds it. I haven’t really been into the mag but I sure am gonna save the link to one of their recent issues.

See, cause Yamini, now back at her college, was just browsing through the links in the magazine’s online version, when she hit upon the album reviews section and found this. She has two of her album reviews published in the magazine! And she didn’t even know about till right then! She must have jumped over the moon, cause I know that this means a big deal to her. She reviewed two albums by rock bands and they put it on print and in their website! I am so PROUD of you. Imagine – my little cousin the writer, the music review! It’s seems just like yesterday that she was a little terrorizing pre-teen. Aww shit, here comes the tears!

She sent this to me on Tuesday but I only read it this morning. Yamini, I pronounce this day in your honour. Have a great day sweetheart.

You Piss Me Off

I am so fucking pissed right now that I can’t seem to put down my frustrations into words. I tried last night after I reached home to vent out my anger but I just could not. It was boiling inside me and I was getting so depressed. It’s regarding a change in something at work which we (that means my teammates in the training department) at the office had enquired about while joining up and confirmed that it wouldn’t be there. I have been quite vocal about it in the past. Now, 8 months after we have joined they, upper management, have thrown us a curve ball! And that way that they did it, in that underhanded and rehearsed way, showed their true colours.

Calling us for a training on ‘People Management’ and then trying to get us to do what they want, without telling us. The DGM was sounding so fake and pretentious when she wanted us to come out and say & commit to what she wanted us to do but we weren’t saying it and neither did she says it out loud. Then the new manager, some doufus bodyguard hired muscle, from the way he spoke and acted, acted his part and tried to get us to introduce ourselves and get to know us. He put down a few things that we are supposed to do, that makes no sense as there are other people hired to do those things. That is not what we signed up to do.

I don’t care whose feathers I ruffle anymore. I want to quit and if didn’t need cash immediately at the beginning of every month or if I had some reserve money, I would walk out today! Unfortunately I can’t do that and neither can my friends but it is tempting. The job hunt is on. I do not want to work for these fuckers!

Song for the day – “Needled 24/7” – CHILDREN OF BODOM

Rain In My Drink

Today was a a tough day at the office, me being too busy from 9:30 till 7:20 when I left the damn place. We had the new Manager for training & quality for our center and another center, for the very first time. The DGM was also there and she was pleasant enough; we will be having a 4 hour session with her tomorrow that I am actually looking forward to. She has had a lot of experience with Motorola and another company and I am guessing could give us a lot of useful download. I had to do a lot of work today and I am hoping that tomorrow’s session with help me in dealing with my usual work in the forthcoming months.

On a damper note, Livi was leaving for her 2 week vacation and although I think that she deserves it and that I wish she would have relaxation & fun, I am gonna miss her. That much is sure, I am very fond of her. I can’t wait till she comes back. I also had to sit with two other people for some project that our clients gladly dumped unto our laps. I was so sleepy and tired during the 2 hours+ that we sat in that room.

Anil called me up around 6:15 pm and we decided to go for some drinks and a little dinner. By 7:15 I was outta the office and in a bus headed for Lisie Junction, where he was waiting for me. Once I reached we left on his bike to Malabar House, making a short stop at the ATM for some cash. It was raining cats & dogs and no doubts a few cows & goats! We reached the bar wet to our toes and went to their roof top garden bar. The rain continued it’s heavy onslaught on the streets of cochin, as we had our drinks and ate some light but good food. By 11 I was home, soaked to the bone and dried myself.

Song for the day – “Bad Seed” – METALLICA

Vinitha’s Wedding

So we were all set to go to our former colleague and always friend Vinitha’s wedding in Thrissur. I booked a 14 seater mini-bus (also known as a traveller) from the guys who get us the pick & drop for our company and the 11 of us who went, shared the expenses. I reached the office, which was our common departure point, at 7:45 am and 45 minutes later we all got in the traveller to get to the hall. It was funny how we started out noisy as hell with some singing. I just had to re-enact the scene of two nights ago in which Neil, after we had the party and later, the drinks, decided to bless the street with his puke! He was teased for a while and we all had a laugh.

A little later I noticed that it got quite, little sleep & hunger having caught up with most. Shalina also was not feeling top notch. There was a smell in the bus and it was hotter than hell; I guess the AC sign painted on the bus was just for a joke! Anyway, she sat next to the window, expecting puke to arise to the surface at any moment. People were soon complaining about hunger and we looked for an appropriate place to stop to get something to drink & eat.

I spotted a small shop on the left and jumped off to get a big lays, some local chips, a bottle of water & a bottle of juice. We ate some of that but no sooner had Shalina drunk some water that she started puking on the side of the bus. We stopped so she could puke everything out. We started off again, late as we were and just about managed to reach the wedding hall as the bride & groom entered for the rituals. We grabbed some seats and tried to wave to Vinitha. A few minutes later, we went to the front for a better viewing point and for me to take some photos. And every time I got a good angle for a shot, some asshole professional photographer or his lightning assistance or some wanker would get his ass in the way! I wasted quite a few photos in this manner. Plus the camera has a 6 second delay which I could not change, since I am not familiar with the settings, it being my sister’s camera and I am using it for only the second time.

Anyway, once the rituals were over, people started going up on the stage to wish the bride & groom and to get their photos taken. We also went to wish Vinitha and her husband and then headed over to the lunch hall for the usual sadhya. Once filled, we headed out back to the mini-bus and made our way back to Cochin. On the way, Shalina puked out all the contents of her lunch and we went to get some lemonade to settle her stomach. That done we headed back home.

I got down at Kalamassery and Neil & I went to Marine Drive to first order my new glasses (the old ones are nearing death) and then went to Barista for some cold coffee to cool down after being in the hot oven of a bus. We sat there for sometime and then he headed to his house while I went to Sherina’s and got the data cable for her camera, so I could transfer the photos to my hard drive and then onto Flickr!

Song for the day – “Taj Mahal” – SAM ROBERTS

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Road Trip Songs

I am going on a small trip to a town in Thrissur district, about 2 hours or so from where I live. I expect the trip to be fun and what’s fun without music? I plan on taking a couple of cds of some of my favourite road trip songs with me, to enlighten the few people who do not know much about rock. Here is my top 11:

  • Here I Go Again – Whitesnake
  • Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
  • 29 Palms – Robert Plant
  • Love Shack – B 52s
  • Ride The Wind – Poison
  • Summer Of 69 – Bryan Adams
  • Highway Star – Deep Purple
  • Tribute – Tenacious D
  • Take It Easy – The Eagles
  • Red Barchetta – Rush
  • Long Road – Pearl Jam

Song for the day – “Take It Easy” – THE EAGLES

Party Time

I was up till 2:30 or 3 am last night (today morning) sorting out the mistakes I and others in my team had made for today’s ceremony & party. It is so bad to make those mistakes but I guess that it is inevitable when you do not get that much time to concentrate on that task. It was very evident today, although to tell you the truth, almost everyone had a great time at the lunch / dinner today. I woke up a little before 8 am and got ready and left for the hotel in order to reach there by 10 am. No one else was there, so I just checked out the hall that was there for the purpose and once I confirmed it, I went out to get my medicine, since the others would take some time in getting there. I came back to the hall 20 minutes later and waited a bit more for the others to arrive. As soon as they did, we sorted out the things we were supposed to do before lunch. By 11:45 people started pouring in and we started some energizer activities. We clicked photos, we laughed, we sang and we shouted. It was fun. Lunch came soon enough and we enjoyed talking and having the delicious food that was served.

Then it was a break for 3 1/2 hours while the training team prepared for the next batch to come in at 6 pm. We came out with a drama based on the hit classic movie Sholay but with dialogues that suited our industry and that was a real blast. It was nice to see management taking it in all good spirit and joining in, since it must have been a bit embarrassing for them. But that was a great hit amongst the audience. Both times the certificates were handed out and our team was given an ovation & appreciation for conducting this event that was good for everyone.

There are the girls from my department who I have baptized as the ‘Power Puff Girls’

Later, as everyone left, me & Neil took a bus to High Court and went to have a few drinks. I had sensibly eaten less for lunch, even skipping the delicious looking desert and eat a bit more for dinner. Neil, however, young chap that he is, stuffed himself silly both times. As a result, he was feeling very bloated and full. But we headed over to Velocity and had 3 large vodkas+sprite. As soon as we left the bar, Neil puked out his entire contents of lunch & dinner. What a way to end the night!

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Song for the day – “Nothing, But A Good Time” – POISON