The Lone Simpsons’ Fan

This just in, shocking news! It seems like, gulp, that I am the one and only Simpsons fan in my entire office. With a staff of almost 600 people, you would have thought that there would definitely be atleast a handful of yellow fans around. But, as it turns out, a huge staggering majority have never even heard of the name of the world’s most famous family! Arggh!

Out of the remaining, some recognized the name but I had to help them connect the image of the yellow guys to the name ‘Simpsons’. At that point, they were like ‘oh yeah! I know them, I see their adverts on all the time. But do you watch that; isn’t that a cartoon for kids?”

Is it a cartoon? I prefer to call it ‘animated series’! Is it for kids? Hell no, I don’t think most Indian kids would follow it. Plus the subject matter isn’t for them. My two nephews don’t watch them. I wouldn’t recommend it either.

Anyhow, it finally came to me that ‘I’ am the lone guy, the sole guy who enjoys watching the Simpsons. I remember when I showed the images of me as a Simpson to my buddy Vinitha, she said of one of the pictures (the one on the right), “That just looks like that man!” She meant Homer.

Ottawa Wins Both Games vs Toronto

Ottawa took both games against their provincial rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs as they gear up for the new season. On Wednesday they beat Toronto 4-3 away & last night at home they beat them 3-2. Just hours after he signed a six-year, $45-million contract extension, Heatley scored twice – including the overtime winner – in Wednesday’s 4-3 win at Toronto. Daniel Alfredsson scored one goal on Wednesday & scored twice, including the game-winner on a power play with 4:59 remaining, to lift the Ottawa Senators to a 3-2 victory over the Leafs on Thursday night. Antoine Vermette had the other goal on Wednesday.

So that’s 2 for 2 already against the Maple Leafs. Good start for us. GO SENS GO!