Id Feast

I woke up early today morning at 5 am, having just slept 3 hours last night and almost none the previous night. I wanted to reach the office by 7 am in order to leave by 4 pm. So I took a shower, changed and headed out to the bus stop. I had very little breakfast other than coffee, just a couple of biscuits which I shared with Kavitha as I went through the presentation that I was to give to the Security Staff at the office.

I gave the presentation and had a very light lunch which was basically a veggie roll & a lemonade. I spent some time talking with the head of HR about the situation of my friend and we discussed the next steps forward. By 4:30 pm Neil, Manoj, Kavitha & I headed for Ajeeba’s house for a meal she had invited us to on the occasion of Id. Vidya was supposed to join us but she got a call about an interview and hence had to leave for that.

We enjoyed the meal and chatting with Ajeeba & her husband, who it turns out was in the grade ahead of me in my school! I didn’t remember him nor he me, but it was nice to talk about mutual friends and the good old days. That was a nice time and we took our leave as both Manoj & Kavitha had to head out to their respective homes. I took an auto from there to my apartment and although I planned on watching a movie, the lack of sleep caught up with me and I slept for a few hours, waking up just before midnite.