Count Duckula

I was visiting some guy’s blog when I saw that he had links to his favourites in various categories. While going through them I saw a link to one of the cartoons that he & I share a liking to – Count Duckula. The Count was an inspiration to the online nickname I have used since 1998 – Count Roshculla – that and well, because I am fascinated by vampires & Dracula. Duckula was a vampire, evil for the most part, who has been resurrected many times over the years by his servants by performing a ritual. However, as narrated by the voice over during the title sequence, this time his loyal servant Igor was handed a bottle of ketchup instead of blood and hence the Count turned out to be vegetarian! Lol, he prefers to eat juicy carrots and persue wealth and fame as an entertainer.

This was a British made cartoon that was popular during its run in the 80s, although I must have seen it around 1992 or so. It’s fun. The show often centres around Duckula’s adventures in search of riches and fame, assisted by the castle’s ability to teleport around the world. Another regular part of the story is Igor and his attempts to turn Duckula into a proper vampire. Some episodes feature Duckula’s nemesis too saved movie download Doctor Von Goosewing (obviously based on Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the nemesis of Dracula), a vampire hunter who blindly refuses to believe the current incarnation of Duckula is harmless.

Sens Update – Oct 14th

Since my last update on the Ottawa Senators, they have played three games. Last night the Sens beat the New York Rangers 3-1. Second period goals came from Dany Heatley, Chris Phillips & Patrick Eaves. All three came in a record 52 seconds. Martin Gerber made 36 saves to lift the Senators to an away win. Jaromir Jagr had the lone goal for the heavily touted Rangers. On October 10, they beat the Atlanta Thrashers 3-1 with goals coming from Chris Kelly, Antoine Vermette & Joe Corvo and in which rookie goalie Brian Elliot made his successful NHL debut stopping 27 shots out of 28. The very next day, the Sens lost at home to the Carolina Hurricanes 5-3. Goals came from Heatley, Mike Fisher & Corvo.