Group Lunch

Today 5 of my colleagues in the training department and I went out for lunch. It was spur of the moment thing; no one had planned it. I think it was Vidya who started talking about having biriyani for lunch to the others, at about 11 am and then she started grumbling that she was feeling hungry. Since I had a training batch, they waited until I stopped to give my trainees a 45 minute lunch break and they put this idea across. I wasn’t really wanting to have a heavy lunch or go outside to a restaurant to eat but it struck me that we rarely ever went out as a group to do anything. Usually just 3 or 4 and often 2 at a time. But never 6!

So I said let’s do it. So we all went together and crossed the double highway and went to the only decent restaurant near us. The 6 of us sat at a table and we ordered our food and ate together. It struck me that this could also probably be our last meal together as a team. Our team has dwindled down to just 6 and I love each member of this team. Due to the treatment dealt to us by the management, people are quitting. Two quit this month and one more may quit on the 1st. I am on the hunt for another job. This team doesn’t have many weeks left. Some of us are planning to go watch a movie on dvd with our team lead at her house tomorrow but I doubt if we will all be together again.

To my friends & colleagues I have to say “It has been one of the greatest pleasures & privileges of my life to work with you and I will miss you all.”