Chak That

So today was a relaxing day for me, being that I just completed a batch and that I mainly had just to complete the report for the batch. That took some time as I had mixed up the formulas and hence had to redo it all over again. Then I went on creating a profile on each of the 17 kids that I had taken through the training. I had a nice brunch (if you can call it that; it was more like a roll and a coke) in the open air canteen with Neil, Vidya & Ajeeba, sitting and chatting about the activities we have.

heima online

I went back to my work, spoke to the recruitment team and with HR – nothing official, just friendly chat. I tried to finish my work before lunch time, which totally sucked. Soon we shut down our systems and along with the girls (Ajeeba, Vidya & Kavitha), Neil & Manoj we went down to Livi’s house to watch a dvd which they all wanted to see – except for Neil & I. It was a hindi movi, crappy Chak De with Shah Rukh Khan and his overacting theatrics. I plugged in some music and headbanged away to Cradle Of Filth and Metallica. We also had some snacks & juice, ice cream & fruit. It was a relaxing evening and I liked it. It was raining as we left by 6:15 pm.

stir of echoes the homecoming movie download I didn’t have electricity for a long time after I reached home and hence missed most of the football on the tv. But I lay back in the dark and enjoyed the little breeze that was blowing into my room. As soon as we got the power back on, I watched some football before having a little dinner and now I just want to relax.