Feel It Comin' Back Again

I have been humming & singing this song to myself for the last week or so. I don’t know why but it just seems so right to be hearing this song. Maybe it’s because of my friend and what she is going through and the fact that her mother is also going through such a tough time. I don’t know, but I like this song so much. So enjoy Lightning Crashes by Live.

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5:00 am

That’s the time that I have been waking up for a little over a week now, except for Sunday. I wake up at that unholy hour just so I can get to work at 8 am. I need more time than most people for getting ready to go to work. And that’s because I like to be online, read some sports news and scores, read a few pages of a novel. Chat with someone online. The two hours go by slowly.

I typed in waking up at 5 am, it’s more like being waken up by my cell phone alarm at 5 am. Then I stop the alarm and try to get my bearings as I search for my glasses on the table and switch on the light in my room. I then make my way to the wash basin to wash my face and then brush my teeth. I then make a cup of strong black coffee and come back to my room and switch the computer on and check the latest sports scores & news. By that time, it’s 5:15 am and that song by Mark Knopfler plays in my head.

This is also the loneliest time of the day for me. I get reminded that I am single with no scope in sight for the near future. Reminds me that I have not reached anywhere where I wanted to be at 31. What I thought I would be at 31 when I was much younger. Times don’t get any lonelier than this. Oh yeah, time to get ready for work.