As I sit in one of the training rooms and wait for my new trainees to come back from their break, I was just going through a list of some websites that have blog rollled me. Now, as grateful as I am, I wish these bloggers would visit often and put some comments against my posts. I’d love to get to know you better and have chats with you.

So if you have the time and the rhyme, please leave me a comment or two here and there and I’ll respond back. Thank You.

The World Of The Celebs

In other news from movie, tv & music industries:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt got engaged to Scottish actor Scottish actor Ross McCall
  • Pamela Anderson says she wants to retire for showbiz in 5 years and move back permanently to Canada
  • Charisma Carpenter separates from her husband of 5 years
  • Hulk Hogan’s wife has filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage to the WWE superstar
  • Former GnR guitarist Slash has written an autobiography and has chapters dedicated to his leaving Guns n’ Roses
  • Rockers Queen are to release a new single, featuring original members Roger Taylor, Brian May & new vocalist Paul Rodgers
  • Brandon ‘Superman’ Routh gets married

New Knight Rider, New KITT

Have you heard that a new movie based on the Knight Rider tv series is being planned and that the cast is almost set? Wow! There’s gonna be a new KITT as well.

According to reports, Bruce Davison is to act as the car’s creater & the movie, scheduled for later in the season, centers on Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening) a race-car driver and the son of of the 1980s show’s lead character, Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff is in talks to reprise the role in a cameo). His childhood sweetheart (Deanna Russo) and her father (Davison) recruit him to join the private, justice-seeking Knight Foundation.

Internet reports say the new KITT will be a Ford Shelby Mustang (pictured above, please click on the photo to view full image). So no Trans Am!

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Sens On A Slump

What’s happening to the Ottawa Senators? The best team in the league is losing games and leaking goals! We have lost to Buffalo 2-4 on the 21st of this month and then the next night lost an overtime game to Pittsburgh. Two nights later it was a 3-4 loss to Philly.

A gap of three days should have done us good but on the 28th, we lost a fantastic game in overtime to the New York Islanders. And they never beat us! Ever! And just in the last few minutes, the Sens lost 5-6 to Nashville. What is happening?

Boom, Like That

About 20 minutes back, I heard a very loud clap of thunder. I mean….BOOOOOOM!

There seems to be very little lightning and no rain at all.

But that could change in some time. I have my fingers crossed. We could use some rain, as its hot as hell, especially during the night hours.

Now, there’s some more thunder and a bit of lightning, nothing to get too excited about. The wind has picked up a bit and I hope there will be a lovely breeze by 12 am to caress me to sleep.

Five Points

  1. When you hear something bad or unpleasant happening to someone you don’t like and it makes me you feel good…..does that make you a bad person?
  2. The same day some mistake happens to a nice person that you like a lot and you feel so bad about it.
  3. Worked all day on a document which I thought would be so simple, yet once I started doing it, I realized how complex it actually was. I spent 6 hours on the damn thing!
  4. I have this feeling that things are going to go from bad to worse and then worst. I just do.
  5. On a sleazy note, I was starting at this woman’s nice, rounded butt today and I was wondering if I could squeeze & pinch it ;)

The Look In Her Eyes

I have had this dream a few times, although I could only make out the face of the girl in the dream this last time (meaning last night or early this morning). She looks a lot like this pic on the left. In my dream, I am a college student of approximately 20 or 21. I’m look pretty much the way that I was when I was 21.

My class is going on a long study trip that also promises to be a lot of fun. I do not really want to go, since I have no friends and everyone else is together. The only reason I decide to go is because the girl I like is going. She is not aware of my feelings and she just barely manages to remember my name. However, when we were younger, we were really good friends. When puberty hit, I became a shy one. Also my weight is an issue in my confidence and I am often the butt of the group jokes.

So there is this big party near the beach the night before we are to leave. I tag along, sitting alone by myself and not joining in the dance & partying. Our bags are packed and we are ready to go on our trip the next morning. Some jackass thinks its a great idea to hurt my feelings and does so by telling me that this girl I like has feelings for me. He convinces me to ask her if she likes me and finally I do. Much to my horror, she makes fun of me when I say that I like her and everyone starts laughing at me. Humiliated I run away to the beach waters and sit there. Later, feeling bad for me, she comes to sit with me but I ignore her attempts at friendship when she says that being friends is all she can offer.

Hurt & angry, I go along for the study trip, avoiding the looks from the others especially her. While on a hike, we get ambushed by a terrorist group who takes us at gunpoint in their boat to their hideout on a hidden island. Thinking that we caught them in the act, they plan to detonate a bomb in the fortress on the island, blowing us up along with their former hideout. So they leave us tied up while they take a boat and leave the island. As the clock ticks, I manage to untie myself and then help the others. Everyone goes down to the docks to get in the only remaining boat and head for safety. However as they are about to leave they see me standing back on the docks.

Someone needs to push the lever that opens up a gate through the wall in the fortress docks. The terrorists had a remote that opened it for them as they left but we have none. I know this and hence stay back to operate the lever so the others can leave. I leave them with no choice as the boat starts and I remain on the dock and push the lever to open the gate. In 6 minutes the bomb will explode and destroy the fortress with me in it. As the boat leaves, she is looking at me with sadness in her eyes. The boat moves out of harms way and as I look at the bomb timer it strikes, 0:00.

I wake up.

Notes For 26th Nov

  • I am reminded of the fact that I have been quite busy these last couple of weeks with not much time for leisure. I took care of that by having an extra day, today, off to do other stuff.
  • I had gone out on Sunday for coffee at CCD & then for lunch & drinks at Oberois. Somehow it seemed so different this time and I was a bit disappointed with the taste of my coffee and the food.
  • I also bought a copy of the excellent movie My Cousin Vinny, starring Joe Pesci & Marisa Tomei. I will post an entry about this movie later. I have seen it a dozen times before but it is a special one for me.
  • Met up with some people for catching up on old times. And oh there was the matter of a house warming.
  • Tried downloading season 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica but there were just 3 available at Veoh that I haven’t seen yet :(

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Julia Roberts Movies

  • Erin Brockovich
  • Pretty Woman
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Flatliners
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • The Runaway Bride
  • Sleeping With The Enemy
  • I Love Trouble
  • The Pelican Brief
  • Hook
  • America’s Sweethearts

Of Arranged Marriages & Old Women

My dad & mom went to the engagement of a second cousin of mine, one I have never met. Therefor I had no interest to go to attend it but they have an obligation to go, so they went. The engagement of this second cousin is arranged, so arranged that she has never met the guy face to face! She spoke to him and has interacted with him through webcam and otherwise never seen him! I find this incredible – arranged marriages goes hi-tech in this digital age! I wanna puke!

But the event brought some pleasant memories to the forefront. My mother got to meet an old school friend, who is also a distant relative, after a huge gap of 40 years! 40 Years! My mom last met her friend when they were both 18 at this friend’s wedding! My mom has never seen her since then as she & her family live in another state and rarely come down here. 40 years; I guess it brings a new meaning to ‘catching up’! Sheesh! My mom was quite happy to meet her friend, since they were very close at one time.

Also she happened to mention that she meet another cousin of hers, one I am very fond of but who I rarely meet. This cousin, my aunt, is nearly 80. Her mother, my grandmother’s elder sister, is now 96! 96 years old. My mom says that the two of them, mother & daughter had a conversation a few days back. Her mom asked her daughter what was for dinner? And my aunt replied “Can you give me a break, mom? I’m 80 and I I think someone should make me dinner rather than me going and making something. I think that I deserve it.”

Mother & daughter had a good old laugh about that one! :)

Arsenal Leave It Till Late Against Wigan

Our captain was the inspiration when we needed it the most against a resilient Wigan Athletic side that frustrated Arsenal for 83 minutes. William Gallas headed in a goal after a driving run from midfield and cut in front of Titus Bramble to steer home a Sagna cross at the near post. Coach Arsene Wenger was forced to rearrange his side due to the suspension of Cesc Fabregas, and injuries to fellow midfield players Alexander Hleb and Mathieu Flamini, while Gilberto Silva was suffering fatigue. Teenage Englishman Theo Walcott began up front alongside Emmanuel Adebayor, while inexperienced pair Lassana Diarra and Denilson paired up in the centre of the park.

Tomas Rosicky completed the win two minutes after Gallas’ goal to move Arsenal three points clear of second-placed Manchester United. United lost to Bolton on a quick & clever goal by former Arsenal striker Nickolas Anelka. But there was bad news for Wenger 10 minutes from time, as Walcott was taken off on a stretcher after a tackle from Heskey. Hope he recovers soon. GO GUNNERS GO!


I’ll tell you about her. She is gorgeous. She is so pure and sweet. She is wholesome goodness and purity. She is so pretty that I want to capture that beauty for me and protect it with all my might. I want to block the harsh rays of the sun hitting her and at the same time I want her to be bathed in the full moon light. I want to be the first thing that she sees when she wakes up and the last thing that she sees before she falls asleep. I want to be the reason that she smiles and the reason for her joy. I want to be the subject of her songs of love and the reason for her heart to blossom. Her every note to me brings such joy and longing. Her every word is like a piece of paradise that pulls my heart strings. There might be more beautiful girls in this world but for me, it seems like that she is the most beautiful girl.

Thanks & Best Wishes

I hate office farewell ceremonies. It’s mandatory when an employee is leaving under good circumstances and is pretty much liked. It’s normally awkward to stand while people take their turn at saying a small speech about the person who is leaving. There are the attempts at humour, the listing of the person’s achievements and credits during his / her time at the company. There are a few tears and lumps in throats and some hugs.

Well we had all this happening at the office today as my friend & colleague finished her leaving formalities and was headed for a new job, a new industry in another city. She is a huge loss for the company and they will surely not be able to replace her. We gave her a saree as a gift and she promised to wear it on her first day at her new job. She cried, another one cried, one teared up but held it back and another almost cried. What about me?

I had to get the dust outta my eyes. Excuse me!

Hair, Heat & No Rain

It’s late November and it’s hot! It’s hot & sticky and cloudy but there’s no rain. Not even one fucking drop of sweet rain. The nights are hot & muggy and my sheets stick to my thighs while I try to sleep. I can’t leave the windows open at night as the mosquitoes will start attacking. That’s what happened two nights ago and left me wide awake and unable to get back to sleep at 3:20 am!

I feel so thirsty for a drink of water all the time. Sweaty and hot and then the mosquitoes! What the fuck! And that is not all! As Russell Peters says it, Indians got the worst deal ever. Not only do we live in the hottest place (although the Africans will disagree, I think the second part makes it worse for us) and to make matters worse, we are covered with hair! All over the body. Why the fuck is it so?  Now I am not a very hairy dude, lighter than most people but not light enough for my taste.

I feel like having my entire body waxed, especially my legs. I want all the hair on my body from the neck down to fall off me right now. I hate body hair.