Orkut Pics : What Not To Do

So do you have a networking site that you frequent? I do; I have a page in Orkut & MySpace mad max beyond thunderdome dvd . I have one in Facebook as well but I am not a fan of that site. I started going to Orkut well over a year ago but my account was created there much before that, when my cousin Shalini suggested it to me. There was a huge gap from the day that I created it to the next time that I visited it. I only got into Orkut because many of my cousins were into it and one had even created our family community and everyone was visiting and posting, or ‘scraping’ as the say, day in & out.

Now, I like Orkut quite a bit but my preference is MySpace as I like their layouts & overall feel better. However I have a gripe against fellow users of Orkut; especially Indian Orkut account holder! Man, get a life! If you don’t have a photo of yourself to use as your display image, use a generic image. Use images of your favourite sports team’s logo or something like that. There are lots & lots of images that you can use.

But for Pete’s sake DON’T use images of some actor or actress or some stupid cricket player! That is so lame and third rate. It just is so dumb for you to do that. Use your own images! Draw a caricature of yourself or have someone do it for it and host that. Make a Wee image of yourself (just like mine) or get one at looks like a Southpark character or like a Simpson. Those are so much better.