8 Questions

1. If you were running out of a burning house (I know, I know… I said I wasn’t going to go on about that, but I was curious!), what are the five things you’d grab, given a minute to do so?

a. Assuming all the people are outside, I’d grab my best jeans, my ipod, my computer, my asthma inhaler & my cheque book!

2. Are you more cynical or optimistic about romance in general?

a. Still optimistic after all these years. :(

3. Do you judge people according to how they look? And if you do, what matters most: fitness, fashion, posture, or general mood?

a. General mood

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4. Do you like your laugh?

a. It doesn’t matter if I like it, you should like it

5. If I gave you a camera right now, what are the first five things you’d want to capture on film?

a. Myself, the sunset, my friends @work, the view from my room & a rainbow

6. What song should play when you come in a room?

a. ‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam

7. Is there a colour you wear more often than not?

a. Blue

8. Do you dance when music plays?

a. No but I air guitar to it ;)

Meme From Meg's Site

Found this Meme from Meg and I though, why not post my answers here. So here goes
Coffee or tea?


PC or Mac?

I want to try the Mac, never have, so its PC all the way

Kids or no?

None at the moment, not married. Someday, I guess.

Political or no?


Summer or winter?


Artificial sweeteners or sugar?

Sugar but I should go the other way

Fries or salad?


Lake or ocean?


Own or rent?

Own but wanting to move to a rented place

Email or phone?


Traditional medical care or natural remedies?

Traditional medical care but I like some natural remedies

Vegetarian (or vegan) or carnivore?


Apples or oranges?

If I must chose, it’s apples

Follow celeb culture or no?

A bit

Liberal or conservative?

Neither. Humanist
Rural or urban?


Car or SUV?

I’ll walk

Atheist or not (not includes agnostics)?

THERE IS NO GOD! That means I’m an ATHIEST

Marriage: necessary or no?


Cable or not?

the monster squad movie Cable

Campsite or hotel?

the sting movie

Hotel. Gotta be comfy

Alcohol or no?

I’m a little drunk now. Does that answer the question?

Up early or up late (if given the choice)?


News online or news on tv?

On tv, but I rarely watch it.

Chess For 3

So you play chess? I don’t but it seems that there has always been a chess board & pieces around the house when I was growing up. I tried learning to play the game when I was 11 but football ruled my life.

My dad bought a chess board a few years ago to give my sister’s kids and it is kept at our place so whenever the kids come over, they can play it.

I was surprised a few months ago when my dad & my then 7 year old younger nephew, Adithya, were playing each other! And I’m not sure if they both know the rules of the game but they, and especially my nephew, were engrossed in the game.

Today I saw Adithya and his older brother Abishek and their cousin Gopi playing chess! How the heck do you play chess with 3 participants? At the same time? Apparently three young kids, aged 9-8 can.

Just ask these guys! Again, I’m not sure if they know the rules!