Smoke In My Beer

Well, the day after tomorrow is the big day! The office festivities day has been postponed and postponed and pushed and finally settled on the 14th of November. It’s also Children’s Day! We have the office staff or rather some of the office staff preparing some programs like a fashion show, a few group dances, a skit and other shit. As I entered here a couple of weeks ago a few colleagues & I have decided that we were gonna throw caution to the wind and play a couple of songs on stage. We hardly ever practiced but finally did so on Friday, Saturday & last night. So we have in the band : Eldo Paul on lead guitar, Patrick on keyboards & programmed drums, Neil Stephen on acoustic guitar, Tony Thomas on bass & yours truly on lead vocals & overall sex symbol!

Yeah, no drums since our drummer didn’t want to play plus we had difficulties in getting a drum kit. So Patrick has programmed the drums parts into his giant keyboards and he & Eldo seem capable enough, since they both have been playing for ages and have been parts of a band and a church group respectively. Neil atleast has played his acoustic guitar with a bunch of his friends and in school. Tony was a respected bass player in bands and stuff in his younger days but a bike accident left him with problems with his left arm. So he quit playing for years and only recently started playing for a few hours at his home. But he is good enough to play a couple of songs.

Which leaves me as the lone shmuck in the group! What the fuck do I know about singing? I have never played on stage before, never! Oh well, how bad can it be? I guess we will find out.

The two songs chosen are :

  • Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
  • Hold My Beer – Aaron Pritchett

Note : – I have typed many posts in my blog and deleted a few. If you ignore the deleted ones, this particular entry is entry number 666! Is that symbolic?