Home Boy

The folks have gone to Chennai with my sister, brother-in-law and their kids. No noise and religion for three days. Peace and quite and I can relax, watch some football on tv and just take it easy at home. I love to be alone at home; if I have a choice, I’d rather stay at home with a good book, a couple of good movies and play my mp3s all the while. Unless ofcourse some of my friends have different ideas and want to go for drinks.

So I went for work and had a busy day at the office but kept thinking about the quite and empty apartment most of the time. 7 pm could not come quick enough for me. I had to arrange the graduation ceremony for a batch that I took Preprocess training, as they had just successfully completed their Product & Process training. Infact they have completed it as the best out of 47 batches in our center! They have raised the bar considerably as their average is the highest. I’m quite proud of them.

At 7 pm I left the office and headed back home. I got something cold to drink and bought some chicken for my dinner. I was in the apartment by 7:50 pm and as I poured the first drink of that fruit juice into ice filled glass and switched the tv on and put my feet up, I felt the most relaxed. Nothing good was on tv, so I made some instant noodles and cut up the chicken into tiny pieces to mix into it. Later, I took the bottle of juice to my bedroom and watch my dvd of Star Trek : First Contact and I plan to sleep while listening to songs. Goodnite.