Ice Beer

Why is it that you can’t or you never add ice to your beer? Why can you do that to every drink that is there on this world except beer? I mean, I remember once that I was about to add three huge ice cubes into my glass of beer which had become lukewarm and the reaction I got from my friends was as if I had pissed on the bible or some other holy book! They told me under no circumstances was I to add ice into my beer, so my options were to either put the beer into the fridge or to drink the damn thing lukewarm! I chose the first option.

But why do we not add ice into a glass of beer? If it melts in it, just stir it and the taste will be the same. I mean you do it to your whiskey, brandy, gin, vodka, cognac & others. So why not beer? And is that the same for wine? I don’t get to drink wine here but I think that the situation is the same – you don’t add ice in your wine glass. You can drink it chilled if you want to but no ice! What kind of a rule is that?

Beer @ Oberois

I woke up at 5:12 am wanting to pee like hell and also thirsting for some water. So I went to the loo and relieved myself and then went to the kitchen to quench my thirst. I couldn’t really go back to sleep and started playing some tunes. My folks came back home a little after 7 am and I went back to sleep for another 4 hours! That was a solid Sunday morning sleep.

the black cauldron movie I lazed about the entire day, just doing nothing and watching a little youtube and listening to Jerry Seinfeld comedy skits on mp3. By 6 pm I was so bored that I took a shower, changed and went out to get me some beer. Oberois was so quite, with just a couple of other patrons in the bar other than me. I settled for a couple of King Fisher beers and a little snack.

Funny thing, this guy comes in and sits at the table next to mine. He asks for a HoneyBee brandy and a warm soda, pours the soda along with the brandy and then puts in a huge piece of ice! Why the warm soda? Beats me!

I enjoyed my beers and then went for a walk and later bought some food for my folks and came back by 9:30 pm. It was an enjoyable walk and a quite evening.

Gordon – Barenaked Ladies

I absolutely dig this band, one of my two all-time favourites. The Barenaked Ladies are a pop-rock, novelty rock, funny band of 5 guys from Toronto. Their hilarious, unique, fun-loving, thoughtful, at times insightful and at times personal lyrics are backed by excellent musicianship that makes for some very good songs. BNL debut album and first major-label release Gordon was released in 1992 in Canada and went double platinum in record time. The album was a massive success in Canada, where it topped the album charts for 8 weeks and sold over a million copies. Although US interest was virtually nil, with Gordon never charting there at all, the album eventually did earn a gold record in America after their sudden rise to fame there in 1998 with Stunt.

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The album starts with Hello City, a hate / rebuke of sorts to the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The reason for this is for the really bad crowd reactions that the band got in the city. You’ve found an enemy in me sings lead singer Steven Page. Next comes Enid : The song’s title was inspired by Enid Léger, a waitress at Spanky’s Pub in Moncton, New Brunswick. The band found it interesting that “Enid” spelled backwards is “dine.” However, the song is not actually about her. The song was nominated for Single of the Year at the 1993 Juno Awards, although it lost to Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson.

Grade 9 is about the uncertainness & clumsiness of being a geek & a nerd in high school. This is a great sing-a-long song and it contains a shout out to Tom Sawyer by Rush and the movie Star Trek II : The Wrath Of Khan. Brian Wilson a tribute to the singer of the band The Beach Boys, is one of the most famous & loved BNL tracks and still a concert favourite. The end part is an instrumental fest, especially the bass & drums. And the next is Be My Yoko Ono, one that makes me laugh everytime I say the title out loud. It’s a funny little song that basically tells us to back off blaming Ono for breaking up the Beatles and comparing the protagonist’s lover to the famous artist. Wrap Your Arms Around Me sounds like a foreboding love song.

What A Good Boy is one of their best songs ever and it’s live version is my favourite BNL song & not the way they play it here. The live version is very emotional & atmospheric and the songs is very special to me. It’s about the differences between a boy growing up and a girl and how despite all the highs & lows, how the boy still needs the girl to make himself compelte.

The King Of Bedside Manor is a cartoon kinda song, as best as I can describe it. Box Set is a long song to a girl who is crazy of the protagonist and he is singing the song like it’s part of a Box Set of cds. Very original thinking and it has some cool time changes during which it sounds like its’ a whole another song all together. I love You is a silly love song. New Kid (On The Block) is a funny shout-out to the now defunct boyband. Blames It On Me contains a tribute to the infamous Milli Vanilli & their hit single (Blame It On The Rain).

The Flag & Crazy complete the cd but there is a superb & unique love song left. If I Had $1000000 Dollars is considered a live must play and a funny look at a lover telling his lover what he would do for her if he won a million dollars. It is a fan favourite and almost a second national anthem in Canada, especially for the band’s fans. One of the best songs on the planet on a great album.