The Look In Her Eyes

I have had this dream a few times, although I could only make out the face of the girl in the dream this last time (meaning last night or early this morning). She looks a lot like this pic on the left. In my dream, I am a college student of approximately 20 or 21. I’m look pretty much the way that I was when I was 21.

My class is going on a long study trip that also promises to be a lot of fun. I do not really want to go, since I have no friends and everyone else is together. The only reason I decide to go is because the girl I like is going. She is not aware of my feelings and she just barely manages to remember my name. However, when we were younger, we were really good friends. When puberty hit, I became a shy one. Also my weight is an issue in my confidence and I am often the butt of the group jokes.

So there is this big party near the beach the night before we are to leave. I tag along, sitting alone by myself and not joining in the dance & partying. Our bags are packed and we are ready to go on our trip the next morning. Some jackass thinks its a great idea to hurt my feelings and does so by telling me that this girl I like has feelings for me. He convinces me to ask her if she likes me and finally I do. Much to my horror, she makes fun of me when I say that I like her and everyone starts laughing at me. Humiliated I run away to the beach waters and sit there. Later, feeling bad for me, she comes to sit with me but I ignore her attempts at friendship when she says that being friends is all she can offer.

Hurt & angry, I go along for the study trip, avoiding the looks from the others especially her. While on a hike, we get ambushed by a terrorist group who takes us at gunpoint in their boat to their hideout on a hidden island. Thinking that we caught them in the act, they plan to detonate a bomb in the fortress on the island, blowing us up along with their former hideout. So they leave us tied up while they take a boat and leave the island. As the clock ticks, I manage to untie myself and then help the others. Everyone goes down to the docks to get in the only remaining boat and head for safety. However as they are about to leave they see me standing back on the docks.

Someone needs to push the lever that opens up a gate through the wall in the fortress docks. The terrorists had a remote that opened it for them as they left but we have none. I know this and hence stay back to operate the lever so the others can leave. I leave them with no choice as the boat starts and I remain on the dock and push the lever to open the gate. In 6 minutes the bomb will explode and destroy the fortress with me in it. As the boat leaves, she is looking at me with sadness in her eyes. The boat moves out of harms way and as I look at the bomb timer it strikes, 0:00.

I wake up.