Eric Lindros Announces Retirement

We knew it was coming. It’s been simmering for weeks and it was just a matter of time. Former NHL MVP Eric Lindros officially announced his retirement on Thursday in his hometown of London, Ontario. He scored 372 goals and had 865 points and 1,398 penalty minutes in 760 games for Philadelphia, Toronto, the New York Rangers and Dallas. He won the Hart Trophy as league MVP in 1995 and was part of the Canadian Olympic team that won gold in 2002. He also won silver for Canada at the 1992 games. The 34-year-old center made it through 13 seasons despite several concussions – injuries that eventually limited his playing time. The injuries restricted him to an average of only 58 games a season in his career, but he was an impact player when healthy, having four 40 plus goals seasons. Lindros was a free agent and hadn’t played this season. He is expected to join the staff of the NHL Players’ Association. Lindros also donated approximately $5 million to the London (Ontario) Health Sciences Foundation, where Lindros was treated during his career.

Lindros, hampered by concussions throughout his 13 years in the NHL, went out in style by donating $5 million to the London Health Sciences Foundation. It is believed to be the largest one-time donation by an athlete in Canada for charitable purposes, a foundation spokesman said. Some of his best hockey was in Canada’s colours. He was on two teams that won world junior championships, skated in the 1993 world senior championship, was on Canada’s victorious 1991 Canada Cup team, and won gold (2002) and silver (1992) Olympic medals.

He ruffled a lot of feathers when he refused to join the Quebec Nordiques after they made him the first pick in the 1991 entry draft, and he said he’d do it again. This time, he’d explain his position better, he said, reiterating that he’s not anti-French. While Lindros never quite made the mark on the game many people thought he would, he did things on and off the ice that indelibly impacted the game.

8 Questions

1. If you were running out of a burning house (I know, I know… I said I wasn’t going to go on about that, but I was curious!), what are the five things you’d grab, given a minute to do so?

a. Assuming all the people are outside, I’d grab my best jeans, my ipod, my computer, my asthma inhaler & my cheque book!

2. Are you more cynical or optimistic about romance in general?

a. Still optimistic after all these years. :(

3. Do you judge people according to how they look? And if you do, what matters most: fitness, fashion, posture, or general mood?

a. General mood

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4. Do you like your laugh?

a. It doesn’t matter if I like it, you should like it

5. If I gave you a camera right now, what are the first five things you’d want to capture on film?

a. Myself, the sunset, my friends @work, the view from my room & a rainbow

6. What song should play when you come in a room?

a. ‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam

7. Is there a colour you wear more often than not?

a. Blue

8. Do you dance when music plays?

a. No but I air guitar to it ;)

Meme From Meg's Site

Found this Meme from Meg and I though, why not post my answers here. So here goes
Coffee or tea?


PC or Mac?

I want to try the Mac, never have, so its PC all the way

Kids or no?

None at the moment, not married. Someday, I guess.

Political or no?


Summer or winter?


Artificial sweeteners or sugar?

Sugar but I should go the other way

Fries or salad?


Lake or ocean?


Own or rent?

Own but wanting to move to a rented place

Email or phone?


Traditional medical care or natural remedies?

Traditional medical care but I like some natural remedies

Vegetarian (or vegan) or carnivore?


Apples or oranges?

If I must chose, it’s apples

Follow celeb culture or no?

A bit

Liberal or conservative?

Neither. Humanist
Rural or urban?


Car or SUV?

I’ll walk

Atheist or not (not includes agnostics)?

THERE IS NO GOD! That means I’m an ATHIEST

Marriage: necessary or no?


Cable or not?

the monster squad movie Cable

Campsite or hotel?

the sting movie

Hotel. Gotta be comfy

Alcohol or no?

I’m a little drunk now. Does that answer the question?

Up early or up late (if given the choice)?


News online or news on tv?

On tv, but I rarely watch it.

Chess For 3

So you play chess? I don’t but it seems that there has always been a chess board & pieces around the house when I was growing up. I tried learning to play the game when I was 11 but football ruled my life.

My dad bought a chess board a few years ago to give my sister’s kids and it is kept at our place so whenever the kids come over, they can play it.

I was surprised a few months ago when my dad & my then 7 year old younger nephew, Adithya, were playing each other! And I’m not sure if they both know the rules of the game but they, and especially my nephew, were engrossed in the game.

Today I saw Adithya and his older brother Abishek and their cousin Gopi playing chess! How the heck do you play chess with 3 participants? At the same time? Apparently three young kids, aged 9-8 can.

Just ask these guys! Again, I’m not sure if they know the rules!

Sens 5 Leafs 1

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That is a fine picture above – The Ottawa Senators celebrating a win! The Sens raked the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-1 and have won the first three games against their bitter Provincial rivals. Chris Phillips and Patrick Eaves scored goals 47 seconds apart early in the first period and Ottawa set a team record with its eighth straight win, a 5-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday night. Martin Gerber made 30 saves and Daniel Alfredsson, Andrej Meszaros and Chris Kelly also scored for the Senators, who lost a five-game final to Anaheim last spring. Ottawa, which raced through the first three rounds of the playoffs with a 12-3 mark, is off to the best start in NHL history through 14 games with a 13-1-0 mark and a record total of 26 points.

Two days earlier, the Sens had to fight hard to beat a resurgent Boston Bruins in a shootout. Antoine Vermette replied in the third period to a goal by Boston’s Chuck Kobesaw and forced the tie. Ottawa was held scoreless in six power-play chances.  Alfredsson and Vermette scored on Ottawa’s first two chances in the shootout and Gerber stopped Boston initial pair of shooters Sunday night to lift the Senators to their 12th win in their first 13 games, 2-1 over the Bruins.

Brown's Immigrant Bill

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had brought forth a Citizenship & Immigration bill which will force all migrants to first learn English and also undertake community work before being granted citizenship. This was made public at Brown’s first “Queen” speech on Tuesday, as he put immigration, housing & terrorism at the heart of his speech on the rising aspiration of the British People.

This is an attempt to ensure that only those immigrants, who have the right motives at heart and is willing to adjust & contribute to his/her new country, gain the right to be called British citizens. I know that some will scream ‘racism’ at this new bill. But think about it

Would you want people to come & live here in India and ignore the culture around them? I’m not talking about tourists. Would you like a foreigner to come here and spend the rest of his life here without learning the local language, learning to adjust to the customs here a bit atleast? I sure wouldn’t like it one bit if that happened here.

But can you force it in a bill?

Moving Again

We just moved all our stuff to the first floor of our office building. By we, I mean my department, HR, Tech team, Admin, facilities – all support functions of a BPO. It took us over a day to do the movement of box files, drawers & other stuff. It took the tech team & facilities 32 hours to get the computers setup, networking all done and the cabinets & heavier equipments setup. It hasn’t even been a week. We grumble about the lack of privacy and space in our new setup. You can’t talk about stuff that you don’t want others to hear. You can’t have a mini-meeting in your seats since everyone else is within an elbow’s distance away.

We in the training department were having a huge problem since we were told that we had to take our training sessions on the open floor. Setup some computers with a projector and some screens and go to work! No really I mean it! We made a lot of noise, we stuck it out for a couple of days. It just wasn’t working.

So now, we go back down, only during actual training. Which means, I get to take my next 5 day session, starting at 4 pm today evening, in a proper training room on the ground floor. With walls! With enough space for me & my kids to do some kind of activities, that I normally make our trainees do. Yipee!

Note the sarcasm! Why were we not allowed to do it properly in the first place? We knew it won’t work, they knew it won’t work! So why?

Orkut Pics : What Not To Do

So do you have a networking site that you frequent? I do; I have a page in Orkut & MySpace mad max beyond thunderdome dvd . I have one in Facebook as well but I am not a fan of that site. I started going to Orkut well over a year ago but my account was created there much before that, when my cousin Shalini suggested it to me. There was a huge gap from the day that I created it to the next time that I visited it. I only got into Orkut because many of my cousins were into it and one had even created our family community and everyone was visiting and posting, or ‘scraping’ as the say, day in & out.

Now, I like Orkut quite a bit but my preference is MySpace as I like their layouts & overall feel better. However I have a gripe against fellow users of Orkut; especially Indian Orkut account holder! Man, get a life! If you don’t have a photo of yourself to use as your display image, use a generic image. Use images of your favourite sports team’s logo or something like that. There are lots & lots of images that you can use.

But for Pete’s sake DON’T use images of some actor or actress or some stupid cricket player! That is so lame and third rate. It just is so dumb for you to do that. Use your own images! Draw a caricature of yourself or have someone do it for it and host that. Make a Wee image of yourself (just like mine) or get one at looks like a Southpark character or like a Simpson. Those are so much better.


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While the rest of the people I know talking about & wondering when the i-Phone will come to India and when they can get their hands on one, I am just lusting after the Google Phone or Gphone! It is just a concept at the moment and a rumour at best, as far as I can tell. I got some pictures sent to me by some guy, who is very tech savvy, a while back. The designs for the phones were made by other people, but reports are that Google has made prototypes of the phone which they plan to launch  next year. Imagine having a sleek looking phone like the one on top with proposed features like Wi-fi & GPS. Oh man!

Toothy Ads

From the mid 90s onwards the world of Indian ads has come leaps and bounds. Formerly they relied on budgets that wouldn’t pay the director’s fee, let alone the models in the ad, and they had really bad wanna-be actors and rejects do the job. The ads were nothing that you wanted to brag about and they were usually pathetic. The entry of cable tv in Indian cities took care of that issue – money poured in from all companies wanting their products to get a wide audience & reach. The better the ad, the better the impression that remains in the minds of the viewer. Big budgets, special effects, celebrities as models in the ads and professional directors to launch an ad – the effect was mind boggling.

Some Indian ads won awards all over the world and we could finally hold our heads high when it came to ads. However, somethings never change!

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When it comes to toothpaste ads, they are still terrible!

The same concepts; guy or girls feels embarrassed & low on confidence as they don’t have shiny white teeth. The voice over claims that the reason is their old toothpaste, so switch to brand XYZ! Cut to the next scene, the object of the guy or girl’s affection, suddenly notices and is drawn to our formerly low on confidence protagonist. Low & behold! the guy / girl throws his/her head back and laughs a fake laugh, showing pearly white teeth. The object of their affection slides in and starts laughing (for no apparent reason) and the brand’s catch phrase plays on the screen.

Why do they look like they are in pain when they are supposed to be laughing and why do the res of us never catch their joke? I dunno!

Sens 3 Boston 2

Mike Fisher scored two power play goals on Saturday night to help lead the Ottawa Senators to a 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins and continue their impressive run in the current season. Dany Heatley had the other goal, his 8th of the season, while goalie Martin Gerber had 17 saves for his NHL leading 8th win of the season. Ottawa defenceman Joe Corvo had three assists, involving himself in each goal. Bostons 2 goals were scored by former Calgary Flames player Chuck Kobesaw. Fisher’s first-period goal was the 200th point of his career. The Senators are a perfect 11-0-0-0 on the season when they score first, and 0-1-0-0 when they don’t.

Two days ago at the Scotiabank Place, new recruit Randy Robitaille endeared himself to the Ottawa crowds by scoring two goals in a 6-4 win over the Atlanta Thrashers. However the Senators came close to blowing a five-goal lead before hanging on for a 6-4 win. With the Thrashers trailing 5-0 in the third, Atlanta’s Ilya Kovalchuk scored three times and the Thrashers fought back to within a goal before Daniel Alfredsson sealed the win with his second goal of the night, a short-handed effort into an empty net. Randy had to leave the game before it ended due to an injury. Patrick Eaves & Nick Foligno had the other goals for the Sens.

Arsenal Draws With Man UTD

I completely forgot about the Arsenal vs Manchester United game to be played yesterday. I am kicking myself in the ass at this time but I was lucky enough to wake up early and check the tv to see that they were showing highlights of the match. Lucky for me! Anyways, the Gunners drew with their rivals 2-2 and preserved their position on top of the League. Both Arsenal & Man U have 27 points with 8 wins & 3 draws each and the Gunners top the league due to a better goal difference. But Arsenal have played a game less than Man U and have not lost any games yet, while United have! The game exploded into life when United went ahead in first half stoppage-time when William Gallas turned Wayne Rooney’s shot into his own net. However Arsenal were back on terms two minutes into the second-half as Cesc Fabregas collected Bacary Sagna’s cutback to slot into the bottom-corner for his 10th goal of the season. Ronaldo restored United’s lead in th 82nd minute, when Patrick Evra burst into the penalty area and passed the ball to the Portuguese international. The home team were not finished though and they snatched a point in the dying seconds when Gallas scored at the right end by turning in Theo Walcott’s scuffed shot.

Saturday Relaxation

I was missing Anil & Madhu a lot these past few weeks. Anil Alapatt has been trying to set up a rendevouz with Madhu and myself for the past few weeks without any luck. Madhu is too busy with his personal stuff that occupies his time away from work. Plus he also is undergoing some medication that prohibits him from having any drinks.

So it was just Alapatt & myself for the evening. He does not have to work on Saturdays whereas I do so I told him that I would leave the office after 6. He had his long afternoon nap and a movie and called me to inform me that he would be at Bay Pride Mall as he wanted to buy a couple of shirts. Which reminds me, I need to get new shirts as it has been a very long time since I got any. It started raining heavily as I boarded the bus to Menaka and went into the mall to find the dumbass I call my friend. There he was standing oggling at a Gujrathi family that has these three chicks among them. Somethings never change! I joined him for a while before he had to go to the ATM and then we went to the roof top garden bar at Malabar House.

We had some chilly fish & a little beef along with our drinks and also shared a plate of fried rice. It was a nice dinner, chatting about lots of things and I realized that spending time with him & Madhu is my great unwinder. I totally relax and I have no urgent other need during that time.

Two hours later we left and as we left, we both got a yearning for something sweet and I suggested an ice cream since it’s been so long since I’ve had any. So we went to Caravan for an ice cream cone and we spent 15 minutes there before he dropped me home. Totally good times with a friend but I wished Madhu were there too. Till the next time!

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Spezza Signs On For 7 Years

Some signing on news for the Ottawa Senators faithful. Top line center & playmaker for the Sens, Jason Spezza has re-signed with the team for 7 years, as announced by General Manager Brian Murray. The Toronto native has a total of 83 goals and 183 assists in 256 regular-season games since suiting up for his first NHL game against the Boston Bruins on Oct. 24, 2002. Spezza had season career highs in assists and points in 2005-06 – 19 goals, 71 assists for 90 points – and reached the 30-goal plateau for the first time in a season with 34 goals in 67 games in 2006-07. Spezza, drafted second overall by Ottawa in 2001, has been in the Senators’ top four in scoring in each of his last three seasons, and the NHL’s top 15 during the last two. In playoff action, Spezza has 13 goals, 25 assists for 38 points in 36 games. He was tied for first in team scoring with linemates Alfredsson and Heatley – 22 points – during the Senators’ longest playoff run and first appearance in a Stanley Cup final last spring. The three were also tied for first in scoring in the NHL during the playoffs.