Home In Bed

I ended up not going to work, as after a bath I felt sicker and could not contemplate spending 9 hours at the office. I checked and got a sick leave today; I will compensate for it by going to work tomorrow. My training batch has been re-scheduled for tomorrow, so no worries there.

open season movie I slept the afternoon away, helped tremendously by the gulp of cough syrup and I took a couple of crocins as I was getting a slight chill and felt the onset of a fever. 4 hours later I woke up to the silent dark and went to get coffee and watch some football. I even watched most of a movie. By 11 it was back to my room and checking my email before I go back to sleep.

Cough * Sniff

Last night I got a little throat irritation that merged with a slight cold that managed to start getting me feeling weak by the time I reached home at 2:15 am. I went to sleep about 30 minutes later, a deep sleep of the tired & weary. I woke up around 9:45 am today morning and I’m sick! I have a full blown cold and my nose is running faster than Ben Johnson on steroids!

I had a sore throat and I’m having difficulty in swallowing, although its not that bad. A slight fever has been kept at bay by me taking some medicine but its not enough to make me feel well enough by 4 pm, when I continue taking my training batch. I don’t feel well enough to do it but I’m going to have to tough it out. There is no current replacement that I can count on and we are on a tight schedule to finish this training batch. I would hate to call and ask for a leave so I’m gonna go to work. Damn!