Soldiers Of Fortune Batch # 52

As you know I am a trainer in a BPO and I currently am into Preprocess training which is more of soft skills & confidence building for new trainees; get them prepped for their roles as agents in a Call Center. We started a new tradition of naming each batch of new trainees. My latest one, the 52nd overall batch of trainees in our company, have decided to call themselves the Soldiers Of Fortune. I had one trainee in that batch, who likes to draw & paint, modify a logo that I saw on the web and come up with this. Cool, eh?

The name Stanley, is of their product & process trainer, to whom I handed over these guys after my sessions.

What’s This Poisonous Cobra Doing In My Underwear Drawer?

You gotta love Weird Al Yankovic or you have the sense of humour of a dung beetle! This guy has been making millions laugh for over 20 years. I had a copy of his Off The Deep End hit album for years. I bet my cousins Manoj, Sandhya & Navin will remember this song, one his original compositions. Enjoy You Don’t Love Me Anymore.

Is that Robert Goulet or a guy who looks like him on the piano?