Gonna Shine Up My Boots

My shoes, which I had bought dirt cheap last year around the same time, had gone from the worn look, to the worn out look to just plain old torn look! I remember that last year I had accidentally ripped out the sole of my previous shoe that I had only used for 6 months! That was on my way to work but just as I left the apartment. Today it was slightly different. Well, the shoes that I bought on that day are just over a year old now. I have made good & rough use of it and it was dusty and ripping apart. I was planning on getting a new pair for the last 3 months but kept putting it off. I never ever keep more than a pair with me.

download train master Today my left shoe ripped on the side on the way to work and it was looking so pathetic. So I left the office at 7 pm with the intention of buying a new pair.I went up to the ATM, got some cash out and then headed to one place, which had nothing in my budget. Also, their shoes were crappy! Is that how it goes? The more expensive the shoes, the crappier it looks. So I headed to a newer one that I had never stepped into and took a look. The friendly sales guys got me 3 that I liked and I chose the one that was the most comfortable. A little more than I’d usually pay for shoes but its ok. I also bought a new wallet, since the one I have is also tearing.