An Atheist Amongst Believers

This post was intended to be a reply to a comment by Jason in an earlier entry.

Surprisingly in India, Atheism is growing. I remember being shocked in 2002, when I joined a company in the city of Calicut and found out that I was 1 of 3 atheists in a induction batch of 25! That was not bad, as we sat for an hour or so each afternoon, once the training for the day would get over, to discuss religion & atheism.

I actually thought that more & more Americans were being more religious, post 9/11. To me it seems that Muslims are being more vocal & visible in India (well, in my city atleast) from 2002. I noticed more ladies in head scarfs. And Hinduism has become more about rituals & spending money on fakes godmen and it’s worse than before. I’m the lone atheist in my family – ok there is one younger cousin but I never get to see him. My colleagues are all believers. I never hide my atheism, I flaunt it proudly. I enter it in all forms which ask for ‘religion’. I openly edit all training material that has the word ‘God’ in it. I tell all my training batches that I am an atheist.

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Let the word spread. Be an atheist and be peaceful. Imagine no heaven and no religion too.