Desperate Housewife

So you watch the popular hit tv drama/soap Desperate Housewives, eh?

I don’t. I tried to watch and like it when they initially started showing the series in India. I missed the first 3 episodes and watched a few here and there. It never really appealed to me that much. I wasn’t ‘desperate’ enough to watch the show every single week, wink wink, catch the attempt at irony! So I didn’t tune in to find out what the famous babes in their 40’s (and one, Eva, in her 30s if I am not mistaken) were up to on a weekly basis. I found the concept a little dull and too cliche actually.

But I have something equivalent at home. A desperate housewife. Single. Just the one! One is enough and more. Infact, one is more than I can handle and do not wish to acquaint myself with anymore at the present time. The Desperate Housewife is…… mom!

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Enough cliches to make you blush, drama beyond all dramas. Acting skills to get a 100 Oscars and a half century’s worth of Golden Globes. The story lines are non-existent, the actress improvises on a day to day basis. She delivers her dialogues with such aplomb and conviction that the audience is moved to tears. She can make mountains from molehills. She is the untouchable, desperate housewife. Playing for 39 years and counting. No reruns, just rehashes of older episodes.