My Life Is An Advert

I got this idea from Saskboy. Can you list out all the brands that you use in your daily life?

I’m gonna give it a try based on my life. Here goes:

Colgate. Park Avenue. Old Spice. Clinic Plus. Jockey. Bru. Red Tape. Apple. Samsung. Microsoft. Mozilla. Creative. Google. WordPress.

I’m kinda lost now. I’m sure there are more.

August Baby

AUGUST: Loves to joke. (yes) Attractive. (you can be the judge of that) Suave and caring. (I am caring) Brave and fearless. (hmmm) Firm and has leadership qualities.  (Sometimes) Knows how to console others. (Yeah, I think I do and I have been told that) Too generous and egoistic. (yes and huh?) Takes high pride in oneself. (:P) Thirsty for praises. (Aren’t we all?) Extraordinary spirit. (Yes, the spirit of Roshan) Easily angered. (Yeah, sometimes) Angry when provoked. (oh yeah, I’ll bite your head off) Easily jealous. (I must admit, I am :( ) Observant. (What was that?) Careful and cautious. (I don’t think so) Thinks quickly. (with dire consequences) Independent thoughts.(true) Loves to lead and to be led. (to your bedroom, honey) Loves to dream. (what’s the name of my website?) Talented in the arts, music and defense. (music) Sensitive but not petty. (I am too sensitive) Poor resistance against illnesses. (cough, cough) Learns to relax. (I wish) Hasty and trusty. (Good ole trusty me) Romantic. (you should experience it firsthand) Loving and caring. (Once you have my love & care, you will come back for lots more) Loves to make friends. (You can never have too many friends)

Fruitcake & Wine Season

I’m kinda surprised that this year I haven’t had the chance to feast, on the “delicious”, and I use that term lightly, food of fruitcake and homemade wine. Every year around this time, I get my share of fruitcake shoved into my face (some of it goes into my nostrils as there’s too much cake being pushed to me) and as much as I despise the stuff, I am supposed to grin and bear it! Why?

I dunno about other places but in Kerala all Christian households tend to buy or make this cake and stock it during the last 3 weeks of the year and into the New Year as well. And then there is wine!

I’m wish it were the good stuff, the really good wine that you can get. I’ve had some excellent red & white wine when I was in Bangalore many years ago. It came from a vineyard that actually bottled the stuff and sells it. It was really good. You can get some good wine in a couple of places here in Kochi but I haven’t really experimented with it as of yet.

The wine that is given at Christmas is the homemade variety, not the beautiful looking wine you see in a glass in this picture here, and boy is it bitter! But you really can’t say no to all of it, you have to have some. And they serve it in sickly looking plastic cups that u normally serve coffee in at offices. Or they bring to you while you are in a hospital bed! And its ruby red (I couldn’t find an image) and burns a bit. And I always have to rush to the toilet after a couple of those glasses!

the waterboy movie So if I don’t get any this year I wouldn’t complain. Although that fruitcake is looking mighty tasty to me right now! And I could go for a glass of wine!