Working On A Sunday

When I worked for Idea Mobile Communications main office in Ravipuram for two years, I loved working on Sundays. Infact, it was a choice I made for a very long time and it was something I looked forward to. I usually got more work done on Sundays and yet found an hour’s time to relax and have a peaceful dinner in a small restaurant nearby. Last year when I moved to Thoppumpady, I still worked quite a few Sundays but not as much. In my current company, running on nearly a year now, I have worked only on 4 or 5 Sundays but they are so boring here and I usually don’t get much done.

Today, I had volunteered to give up my Sunday and come to work in order to finish some pending work. Yet its frustrating that I can’t get it done due to external factors not in my control. I hate when that happens and more so today. I had spent a few hours getting two sessions organized for a process refresher which everyone who attended had to contribute. But no one was putting in any effort. And this guy, who is supposed to be my friend, assured me that he would get some of it done, just point out where the stuff was to him. I left the office at 7 pm thinking that he would do a bit, even if I knew that he had a few drinks before coming to the office, something which he shouldn’t be doing.

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watch jingle all the way online I was going by on his word and that asshole had no intention of helping out. He kept lying to me when I called him and even after I set things up for him, by calling people from my home, he still made up some silly excuse for not doing it, I sent him a message to let me know that I was onto him and to stop acting like a moron. If he hadn’t told me that he would do it, I would have stayed back and completed it, extending many hours after my designated shift was over. And now, its not done. all because of a drunk motherfucker!

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Arsenal 2 Spurs 1

Arsenal will close the year at the top of the Premier League. Beating their cross town rivals Tottenham Hotspurs, gave the Gunners the 3 points needed to stay on top even if Manchester United wins tomorrow. Nicklas Bendtner proved an unlikely hero for Arsenal as his late goal secured a precious 2-1 victory over Tottenham on Saturday. Arsene Wenger’s side were confronting the dismal scenario of dropping two home points when the Denmark striker, on as a second-half substitute, headed in to extend his team’s lead at the top of the English Premier League to four points. Emmanuel Adebayor’s opener and Spurs then spurned a gilt-edged chance to forge ahead when Robbie Keane’s penalty was saved by Manuel Almunia. This defeat stretched Tottenham’s winless streak against Arsenal to an astonishing 20 matches.

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In other matches Liverpool beat Portsmouth 4-1, West Ham beat Middlesborough 2-1 & Bolton beat Birmingham 3-0.