In The Name Of Jesus

So, Christians, did you have a nice Christmas eve & Christmas day? Sat with your family and close friends and had nice dinners with some drinks, I hope? Opened some presents and watched with joy as your loved ones opened the ones you gifted them? Sang yourself silly along with the kids who memorized those carols? Watched a tv special or two and a movie about the life & times of Christ?

the teacher online If so, now think of the hordes of non-Christians your religion & its followers murdered while spreading the gospels and forcefully converting multitudes into its fold. Think of the atrocities committed in the name of Jesus and still being committed as we speak. Think of the Christian Crusades! Think of the wars & political games that are stilled being played, like in Iraq. Oh we may call it American greed or Bush’s propaganda or the war for controlling oil…..but shit by any other name will smell like shit!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful Boxing Day!!


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