Tie Me Down

Today was an important day for the company I work for; we are one of 33 branch offices across the country and about 5 abroad. Our office is almost a year old and for the first time our CEO came to visit the center. So it was more than your average business as usual and the leadership team onwards till the center head were dressed up in a tie for the men and sarees for the women.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I hate formal wear and I especially hate ties. Its ok if someone else is wearing it but I can’t stand to have that makeshift noose around my neck. Trussed up like a turkey, looking like a monkey boy or a corporate monkey atleast. That is not me. I like to be comfortable and I am comfortable in casuals. I work better and I feel more confident in jeans. I hate the superficialness of wearing a tie and I was happy when I could take the damn thing off.

Pissing Off The Religions

Hi Manoj, I don’t disagree that there are many good, moderate Christians who do a lot of good. And oh, I am not leaving Hindus or Muslims or Jews or any other followers of organized religion. You see, even if the average Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Jew or whatever, doesn’t do much harm, they contribute to the madmen! They should be aware of their contribution. Those same average religious people are fueling the flames of the nutjobs like Al Qaeda and the fundamentalists. And the Hindus – we have the RSS and the righteous groups that will maim, gang rape, murder, vandalize & destroy in the name of Ram, Shyam, Krishna, Shiva and their numerous other buggers! But the average temple going dude contributes to the godmen, the fakirs, the priests, the swamis and the political parties who hide AK-47s in temples & molest alterboys and unsuspecting devotees alike.

Just like you said it isn’t fair to print this on Christmas as its their holiday and special day, they SHOULD think of the atrocities committed in the name of their god of peace & love. And they should be ashamed. As should you. As should I.

I’m not done. I know very little of the Jews since my scope of interaction with them is very little but they too should be ashamed. Its them vs the rest of the world. Their private warfare against what an asshole called Hitler and his minions did before & during the 2nd World War.

The rest of the world isn’t a target for Muslims who think they have been violated everytime someone else does something that isn’t agreed upon in the Koran. Muslim fundamentalist morons, think – your book, paper, versus a human being. Which is more important. The human ofcourse, your book doesn’t even matter.

Satisfied that I pissed off the Muslims as well?

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First understand that we are all humans. Nothing more. Any other label that we have is superficial. Its the only thing that binds us. We should be attacked by a superior Alien race before we ever learn. Perhaps them all mankind will unite as one and beat them (without Will Smith’s crass dialouges or sappy American sentiment, lol)! Or maybe they will annihilate us easily and in their victory celebrations they will toast the non-exisistant entities that leaned the balance of the war against us in their favour – the gods & the religions!

VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs Of The 90

Vh1 has a list of 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s, which you can find on their site. I like some of their songs but a lot of them I just can’t digest! What’s with all those stoopid rap songs! And the Bacteria Boys? Yuck! I’m pleasantly surprised that Run Around by Blues Traveler made the list – I love that song but I didn’t think that it was so well thought off. And putting Right Said Fred, Dee Lite & WTF Kris Kross in there? That was just too low VH1 dudes!