Sens 6 Carolina 0

So much for the slump, Ottawa played at their very best to scorch 6 goals past the Carolina Hurricanes in an away match. After losing 7 games in a row, the Sens have now won 3 on the road. The team leading the East went to a 2 goal lead within 6 minutes, Dany Heatley & Mike Fisher scoring less than 5 minutes apart. Jason Spezza also scored in the 1st period. Heatley added a second goal in the 3rd period, his 15th overall goal sandwiched between the scores by Shean Donavon and Dean McAmmond. Spezza also had 2 assists.

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download black snake moan In goal Ray Emery saved one shot before injuring his hip and was replaced by Martin Gerber. The former Hurricanes goalie saved 31 shots to complete the shut out for Ottawa. Tomorrow the Sens play Pittsburgh.

Desperate Housewife

So you watch the popular hit tv drama/soap Desperate Housewives, eh?

I don’t. I tried to watch and like it when they initially started showing the series in India. I missed the first 3 episodes and watched a few here and there. It never really appealed to me that much. I wasn’t ‘desperate’ enough to watch the show every single week, wink wink, catch the attempt at irony! So I didn’t tune in to find out what the famous babes in their 40’s (and one, Eva, in her 30s if I am not mistaken) were up to on a weekly basis. I found the concept a little dull and too cliche actually.

But I have something equivalent at home. A desperate housewife. Single. Just the one! One is enough and more. Infact, one is more than I can handle and do not wish to acquaint myself with anymore at the present time. The Desperate Housewife is…… mom!

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Enough cliches to make you blush, drama beyond all dramas. Acting skills to get a 100 Oscars and a half century’s worth of Golden Globes. The story lines are non-existent, the actress improvises on a day to day basis. She delivers her dialogues with such aplomb and conviction that the audience is moved to tears. She can make mountains from molehills. She is the untouchable, desperate housewife. Playing for 39 years and counting. No reruns, just rehashes of older episodes.

An Atheist Amongst Believers

This post was intended to be a reply to a comment by Jason in an earlier entry.

Surprisingly in India, Atheism is growing. I remember being shocked in 2002, when I joined a company in the city of Calicut and found out that I was 1 of 3 atheists in a induction batch of 25! That was not bad, as we sat for an hour or so each afternoon, once the training for the day would get over, to discuss religion & atheism.

I actually thought that more & more Americans were being more religious, post 9/11. To me it seems that Muslims are being more vocal & visible in India (well, in my city atleast) from 2002. I noticed more ladies in head scarfs. And Hinduism has become more about rituals & spending money on fakes godmen and it’s worse than before. I’m the lone atheist in my family – ok there is one younger cousin but I never get to see him. My colleagues are all believers. I never hide my atheism, I flaunt it proudly. I enter it in all forms which ask for ‘religion’. I openly edit all training material that has the word ‘God’ in it. I tell all my training batches that I am an atheist.

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Let the word spread. Be an atheist and be peaceful. Imagine no heaven and no religion too.

Gonna Shine Up My Boots

My shoes, which I had bought dirt cheap last year around the same time, had gone from the worn look, to the worn out look to just plain old torn look! I remember that last year I had accidentally ripped out the sole of my previous shoe that I had only used for 6 months! That was on my way to work but just as I left the apartment. Today it was slightly different. Well, the shoes that I bought on that day are just over a year old now. I have made good & rough use of it and it was dusty and ripping apart. I was planning on getting a new pair for the last 3 months but kept putting it off. I never ever keep more than a pair with me.

download train master Today my left shoe ripped on the side on the way to work and it was looking so pathetic. So I left the office at 7 pm with the intention of buying a new pair.I went up to the ATM, got some cash out and then headed to one place, which had nothing in my budget. Also, their shoes were crappy! Is that how it goes? The more expensive the shoes, the crappier it looks. So I headed to a newer one that I had never stepped into and took a look. The friendly sales guys got me 3 that I liked and I chose the one that was the most comfortable. A little more than I’d usually pay for shoes but its ok. I also bought a new wallet, since the one I have is also tearing.

Battlestar Galactica : Razor

Lucky me, I was able to download a copy of Battlestar Galactica : Razor the new tele movie from the makers of the new series. It serves as an apetizer for the 4th and finals season of BSG. The events of the movie are partially in flashback mode. Lee Adama as his XO; she was considered to be Cain’s legacy. First coming aboard Pegasus less than an hour before the Cylon attack on the colonies, Shaw helped Admiral Cain make a risky “blind jump” that saved the ship from destruction at Scorpion Fleet Shipyards and earned her Cain’s respect & trust. Kendra’s flashbacks tell us about how Cain’s inspiring speech on learning about the destruction of the colonies, rallied the crew. And of how Cain shot her executive officer, Jurgen Belzen (Steve Bacic), who she was very close to, for refusing an order to attack a Cylon staging area filled with raiders at the risk of losing people.

We also come to know about how the cylon Gina Invierre (Tricia Helfer) came to be discovered. Gina worked on the Pegasus and was having a lesbian relationship with Cain. It was also during the mission in which Belzen is shot, that Kendra sees Gina helping Cylon centurions board the Pegasus and sees another copy of Number 6. Cain is furious and imprisons Gina and has her beaten & raped as torture. Kendra also started a massacre of innocent civilians on smaller ships, as Cain orders her crew to take all useful parts from the ships.

Meanwhile, Starbuck & Kendra clash on a rescue mission when Shaw makes a defensive maneuver to protect Pegasus despite endangering Starbuck and her wingman. Both pilots land safely but an old Cylon raider (the ones in the old BSG series) crashes into Pegasus. Sharon Agathon informs the others about a Cylon myth that tells of a group of original centurions tasked to guard the first hybrid built by the Cylons as a result of their human experiments. Admiral Adama then recalls his rookie mission as a viper pilot, when he encountered the same hybrid, and concludes that the Cylons must still be pursuing the experiments with the captured science team as new test subjects.

They decide to go after the base star, arm a nuclear warhead and destroy it. Kendra & Starbuck are in the team that lands in a raptor into the base star. The get in but are discovered by the old cylons and a shoot-out ensues during which a couple of humans are lost and Kendra is injured by a shot. The warhead gets damaged which means that someone must stay behind to manually trigger the weapon. Shaw holds a gun to Starbuck’s head and makes her leave with the others. Alone on the ship, she is about to detonate the warhead when she comes face to face with the old Cylon hybrid, which looks like an old man in a tank.

The hybrid, seemingly wise, offers absolution to Kendra for her part in the massacre of innocent lives. He also tells her that Kara Thrace is “the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death” and that “they must not follow her.” An astonished Kendra tries to relay this information to Lee Adama, but is stopped when the Cylons jam communications. Her final act is to detonate the nuclear warhead by hand, destroying the basestar.

Adama & Lee reflect on Cain and Kendra as Adama decides to recommend a posthumous commendation for Kendra despite Lee’s protest. He states that Kendra butchered many innocent civilians but Adams says that the commendation is necessary under the circumstances as Pegasus’ crew will need it to soldier on. Lee finally agrees.

The razor in the title refers to a razor knife that we see Kendra fiddling with. It used to be Cain’s and it was given to Kendra as a sign of respect.

Rested Up

So I took two days off from work to rest my body and my voice. Having lost my voice as a result of still continuing training despite a fever, a cough, a sore throat and a cold was an exhausting experience, as I still strained to be heard. So I had to rest it away from the confines of the office and rest for two days I did. I slept a lot, drank a lot of black coffee and saw 4 movies and streamed two episodes of Battlestar Galactica. That is what I call rest.

Yesterday I went out for sometime, had some coffee at CCD, bought a novel and had some good food. I also bought a copy of an old Tom Hanks movie Man With One Red Show. Jim Belushi & Carrie Fisher also star in it, its funny.

I wanted to buy a new pair of shoes as this one I’m wearing has holes. I think I should get 2 pairs. There’s a new store I want to check out near the bus stop next to mine. I also want a hamburger and a shake tonight.

Sens 4 Stars 2

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This probably means the slump is a thing of the past. Ottawa went to Dallas and beat the Stars 4-2. With an improved defensive show, the Sens went 2-1 after the 1st period with goals from Christoph Schubert & Antoine Vermette. After a goalless 2nd period, Mike Fisher & Chris Kelly scored for the Sens, while goalie Ray Emery, slowly building a groove, made 23 saves.

Mike Ribiero & Chris Hagman scored the goals for Dallas. Kelly scored an empty net goal with 27 seconds left, when the Stars pulled their goalie for an extra skater.

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Soldiers Of Fortune Batch # 52

As you know I am a trainer in a BPO and I currently am into Preprocess training which is more of soft skills & confidence building for new trainees; get them prepped for their roles as agents in a Call Center. We started a new tradition of naming each batch of new trainees. My latest one, the 52nd overall batch of trainees in our company, have decided to call themselves the Soldiers Of Fortune. I had one trainee in that batch, who likes to draw & paint, modify a logo that I saw on the web and come up with this. Cool, eh?

The name Stanley, is of their product & process trainer, to whom I handed over these guys after my sessions.

What’s This Poisonous Cobra Doing In My Underwear Drawer?

You gotta love Weird Al Yankovic or you have the sense of humour of a dung beetle! This guy has been making millions laugh for over 20 years. I had a copy of his Off The Deep End hit album for years. I bet my cousins Manoj, Sandhya & Navin will remember this song, one his original compositions. Enjoy You Don’t Love Me Anymore.

Is that Robert Goulet or a guy who looks like him on the piano?

The Simpsons Movie

I have finally been able to watch the long awaited & anticipated full length movie of the world’s most loved family. The Simpsons Movie came to me via some Japanese website, that looks a lot like Youtube, streaming in the animated humour for my eyes. The movie starts with them making fun of us – the Simpsons are in a movie theatre watching a full length Itchy & Scratchy film, when Homer yells “boring” to the screen and states why would we want to spend money to watch a movie about something we can see on our tv screens for free each week! Ring a bell? Anyway, the rock band Green Day are killed when the barge they were performing on gets erroded by the polluted waters of Lake Springfield. Lisa holds a town seminar, aided by a similarly thinking Irish boy, after which the mayor declares that the town folk should stop polluting their waters. However, Homer ends up making it worse – he dumps a silo filled with pig poop (don’t ask, he adopts a pig as his pet) into the lake which makes the water toxic. Russ Cargill, head of the EPA, takes drastic action by enclosing Springfield in a giant glass dome, after taking permission from the US President.

Upon discovering that the silo was Homer’s pig’s, the town folk torch the Simpsons household. The family escapes through a sink hole and move to Alaska. As they settled into life in their new locations, a crack in the dome causes Cargill to make the drastic decision of destroying the entire town by a bomb. When the Simpsons find this out, all but Homer want to help stop the destruction. They leave him behind and leave to rescue Springfield, only to be captured and placed back in the dome. After a visit with a mysterious Inuit shaman, Homer has an epiphany that he must “become selfless” and save the city and proceeds to doing so.

Just as he gets there, a helicopter appears above Springfield and lowers a bomb suspended by rope through a hole in the dome. Homer climbs to the peak of the dome and descends the rope, knocking the escaping townspeople and bomb off. Homer then notices a motorcycle, and grabs the bomb. He reunites with Bart and they cycle up the side of the dome and Bart throws the bomb through the hole, seconds before detonation. The bomb then explodes on the peak of the dome, shattering it. The town praises Homer, who rides off with Marge on the motorcycle into the sunset. The film concludes with the townspeople restoring Springfield back to normal.

Highlights of the movie? Bart skating through the town naked (yeah, they do show his free willy), Homer bonding with his new pet pig “Spiderpig”, Lisa falling for the Irish boy Colin & Homer’s epiphany. Lo-lites? Yes, its way too short. But I loved it!

Sens Break Losing Streak

8 games! It took 8 games for the Ottawa Senators to finally get a win! This losing streak is now over but it will take a win or two more to see if the slump in form is over. The Sens had started in thundering fashion and it was hard to maintain that glowing form, so perhaps the worst is behind us and we can concentrate on finishing top of the league and then the Cup.

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But this win was anything but easy to get. Randy Robitaille scored two goals, including the game winner against a tough Florida Panthers side. Goalie Ray Emery stopped 21 shots while saving a penalty with 15:25 left in the third period. Jason Spezza, who scored a goal,  extended his points streak to nine games. Mike Fisher & Nick Foligno also scored a goal each to get Ottawa’s first win since a 4-2 victory over Montreal on Nov. 19. It was Ottawa’s longest losing streak since an 11-game slide in the 1995-96 season.

Die Spammers Die

Two days ago I had to deactivate my anti-spam application as there seems to be some software issue with it; no one is able to register a comment, not even the genuine ones! So after Jason pointed it out to me in an email, I tried to see if I could rectify it but failed. So I deactivated the anti-spam thingy, as loyal as it had been for a few months.

And no sooner did I do that when those blasted spam bots started targetting me! two days and already hit 20 times. How low can you be if you can program these stupid things to clog up people’s email inboxes and stuff their comments section with unwanted and sometimes downright stupid sentences. If I could get my hands on these guys ………………….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwaaaahhhhhhhggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Sorry for using such abusive language, I am so upset.