Internet Meme

1-Grab the closest book to you, go to page 18 and write down the 4th line :
It’s my old diary, which I dug out out of my cupboard, page 18, line 4 reads “Oops, didn’t know that could happen!”

2- Whats the last thing you saw on TV
Half an episode of CSI : NY

3- Other than the sound of your computer, what else can you hear?
The noise of the ceiling fan

4- Last time you went out, what did you do?
Hmmm, it will have to be to buy a new razor & shampoo

5- What are you wearing?
Nothing but a sheet ;P

6- Whats on the walls in the room you are in?
A clock and a teddy bear hanging on a nail

7- What’s strange about today?

8- Whats the last Movie you saw?
Final Destination 3

9- Tell us something we don’t know:
I would like to go away and never come back

10- Do you like dancing?
Only Dirty Dancing

11- If you had a daughter, what would her name be?
Roshanak, I have an online Iranian friend with the same name

12- If you had a son, what would his name be?
!Xobile. Pronounce that!

13- Ever thought of living abroad?
Yes, and did it too. Will do it again, for free or lots of money.

14- What would you like GOD to tell you when you crossed the pearly gates?
That’s nonsense… There is no god, but if there was one, he would bow before me and say “Welcome master, oh mighty one”

15- Mouhahaha, there is not question 15, mouhahaha!

Misfits Of Science

When I about 9 or 10, they showed on Kuwait tv, an American show that boggled my childhood mind and holds a very special place in my childhood memories. Misfits Of Science was a short lived comedy / action / sci-fi series that was …perfect in my mind. It had a great cast, some comedy relief and good chase and action scenes. It originally aired from October, 1985 till February, 1986. I must have got around June or July 1986 in Kuwait.

It featured a cast of super-powered humans and their madcap adventures. A double-length pilot and 15 additional episodes were created; all episodes but one were broadcast in the United States during its original run.

Here’s the title sequence; it was intended to be called ‘Superminds’ originally!

Cast members

  • Dean Paul Martin played Dr. Billy Hayes, the non-powered yet undisputed leader of this misfit team. Billy was a research scientist at the Humanidyne Institute.
  • Kevin Peter Hall download hitman played Dr. Elvin “El” Lincoln, Billy’s colleague and close friend. El was a towering black man who gave himself the ability to shrink to doll size via hormonal treatments. The character struggled socially, and despite being very tall, he played basketball poorly.
  • Mark Thomas Miller was Johnny Bukowski, a.k.a. Johnny B. He was a rock and roll musician who was electrocuted on stage, thus giving him formidable electrical powers. These same powers also granted him some limited superspeed abilities, but they also made him vulnerable to water.
  • Courteney Cox played Gloria Dinallo, a troubled telekinetic teen with a history of juvenile delinquency.
  • Jennifer Holmes played Gloria’s probation officer, Jane Miller. Her character appeared only in the earlier episodes.
  • Max Wright portrayed the director of the Humanidyne Institute. Unlike the other cast members, he was not actually considered to be one of the Misfits.
  • Mickey Jones played Arthur Beifneiter a.k.a. Ice Man, The team would drive around in an ice cream truck because Ice Man would die if he got too warm, so they kept him in the freezer. Ice Man only appeared in the pilot episode, but the characters continued to use the ice cream truck.

Another One Bites …Ties The Knot

Last night I was invited to go for a party hosted by a colleague. He was celebrating the fact that he just got married to his sweetheart of the past 5 years. This was a quickie registered marriage, as there were some issues with the girl’s family. So he & she had it done quickly with the help of some friends and her cousins! That’s right, this girl’s cousins helped her kinda elope.

So anyway, I got his call  by around 1:30 pm asking me to be there at a nearby hotel at 7:30 pm for dinner. Some other colleagues were also coming, so I checked with them the timings that they would also be there. Since I had a training batch from 4pm till 1 am, I couldn’t stay long. So I arranged their dinner break to be from 8 pm till 9 pm and left the office at that time. However since it started so late, I left without having dinner. I just said my congrats and left back for the office.

So another guy gets married and he is not yet 25! What the heck am I doing at 31? No hope in sight, the evergreen bachelor. Sigh!

Arsenal 2 Villa 1

The mark of a good team is being able to win matches even when they haven’t played at their best. That was what last night’s game at Villa Park was all about. Arsenal were outplayed for most of the second half by a brave Aston Villa side, urged on by the sound managerial skills of Martin O’Neill. However it was the Gunners who came out the winners at the end. They need to win games like this one, which will probably going to count in the long run for the Championship. Villa went ahead after 18 minutes thanks to a Craig Gardner goal but Arsenal replied back to take the lead through goals by Mathieu Flamini and Emmanuel Adebayor.

A stren talking by coach O’Neill must be what charged up the Aston Villa 11, as they took the game to the League leaders. Villa looked likely to score a goal and get back on level terms but despite this, there was no beating down the Gunners who were determined to keep their lead at the top of the Premier League.

In other games on Saturday, Chelsea beat West Ham United 1-0 and move above Manchester United into second place in the league with 31 points. United play on Monday night. And in an exciting game, Blackburn Rovers beat a miserable but resileint Newscastle United 3-1, but the game could have gone either way with numerous goal chances.

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NHL Update – Wes Walz Retires

Minnesota Wild center Wes Walz announced his retirement as expected Saturday, ending his 13-year NHL career as the team’s career leader in games played.

Walz had one goal and three assists in 11 games this season before leaving the team to contemplate his future.

Neither he nor the Wild offered any specifics about his leave of absence, which lasted a month, but Walz said at a news conference Saturday that he didn’t feel like he was “on top of his game.”

The 37-year-old has four children and said he’s eager to spend more time with his family.

The fast, defensive-oriented skater was one of only two remaining original members of the Wild’s first team in 2000. Goalie Marian Gaborik is the other.

Walz finished his NHL career – which included time with Boston, Philadelphia, Calgary and Detroit – with 109 goals and 151 assists in 607 games.

Home In Bed

I ended up not going to work, as after a bath I felt sicker and could not contemplate spending 9 hours at the office. I checked and got a sick leave today; I will compensate for it by going to work tomorrow. My training batch has been re-scheduled for tomorrow, so no worries there.

open season movie I slept the afternoon away, helped tremendously by the gulp of cough syrup and I took a couple of crocins as I was getting a slight chill and felt the onset of a fever. 4 hours later I woke up to the silent dark and went to get coffee and watch some football. I even watched most of a movie. By 11 it was back to my room and checking my email before I go back to sleep.

Cough * Sniff

Last night I got a little throat irritation that merged with a slight cold that managed to start getting me feeling weak by the time I reached home at 2:15 am. I went to sleep about 30 minutes later, a deep sleep of the tired & weary. I woke up around 9:45 am today morning and I’m sick! I have a full blown cold and my nose is running faster than Ben Johnson on steroids!

I had a sore throat and I’m having difficulty in swallowing, although its not that bad. A slight fever has been kept at bay by me taking some medicine but its not enough to make me feel well enough by 4 pm, when I continue taking my training batch. I don’t feel well enough to do it but I’m going to have to tough it out. There is no current replacement that I can count on and we are on a tight schedule to finish this training batch. I would hate to call and ask for a leave so I’m gonna go to work. Damn!