2008 Wishlist

It’s time to create a new wishlist and I need to get it all done

  • Get an even better job with much better pay – there are some idiots who get lots of cash for almost no work and why am I stuck towards the bottom!
  • Definitely save a lot more – didn’t work out last year
  • Oh yeah! Got to start an exercise regime to lose weight
  • I came close to moving out in May. I gotta find an economical method of moving out and living on my own
  • Unless ofcourse, my soulmate finally comes along! Then I can start living with her.
  • The marriage thing – I guess I gotta do it soon
  • Get a high end cell phone
  • Get some happiness in my life

That should about be right! Happy New Year to you!

4 thoughts on “2008 Wishlist

  1. Hi Roshan! I hope you will forgive me but I thought I would indulge in some constructive criticism. I’ve done the resolution/goals thing, and these are things that I found helped.

    There is an English expression that says “Don’t put the cart before the horse,” in other words getting too far ahead of yourself. On your list you have “find a soul mate” “get married,” and “move out with the soulmate.” Those all practically require a long term relationship. Which in turn requires a relationship. Which in turn means dating, meeting people etc.. But you’ve skipped that part! ;)

    What might help you a lot better is targeting goals that will get you TO that eventual goal. Like, how about starting with dating? Nothing serious, but going out and having fun with the opposite sex. So how do you go about doing that? Maybe a new look might muster up confidence? How about reading up on dating and getting ready to get your feet wet? Maybe you could improve upon your flirting? How do you intend on meeting girls? Once you meet them, how do you plan on keeping their attention? Do you know what drives women crazy? Do you know what drives them away?

    If you have a goal, it has to have a plan. Exercise is one of the worst of these. Everyone says they’re going to exercise more in the coming year, but few people actually do just that. Usually its because they don’t know how to go about exercising. However if you have a plan in place, you have one less excuse ;). So instead of putting “exercise”, put down exactly how you intend on doing that.

    The same goes for anything that’s too generic. “Happiness in my life” is a hard goal. You need to address that first. Why aren’t you unhappy? What will make you happy? Once you can answer those questions, you can now answer “How do I go about making myself happier?” Then take all of those points and make it a part of your list. It will be much easier to pursue!

  2. Hi James, ofcourse I don’t mind a little criticism but this is not a resolution list or a goals list.

    Its a Wishlist! But I still agree with u, cause if I work on them with a plan I could achieve them or atleast to a certain degree.

    Now about the soulmate part – We do have the dating thing here but not to the degree that you have. Its getting better now but still not widespread. So not every girl will agree to go out on a date.

    And who knows, I may have already met my soulmate and she I could be friends or acquaintances by now. The next step could be round the corner and it could blossom. She may already know most things about me and yet still be interested in me! Highly unlikely :P

    The excercise thing is …yeah I know!

    Happiness in my life is being too generic but I am desperate enuff to wish for it.


  3. Happy New Year. Hope you meet someone wonderful this year. You know what? It will happen when you least expect it. It always does!

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