Annoying Eye Candy

whisper movie I had a sore throat today from about the time that I woke up. Don’t know why, but I just hope that a cold and/or fever avoids me as I am in no mood to take leave from work. I went to the office at a little before 10 am but was determined to leave by 6 in the evening. I tried doing as much as I could until 6 and then made my way out of the office and onto the bus stop.

I went to Cafe Coffee Day, thinking that a nice hot cup of coffee would be the best way to relax and so I entered their establishments with that in mind. The place was a little crowded but I found a couple of empty seats and I proceeded to take one near the staircase. Right behind me were a group of 8 girls who were obviously from the Northern or middle part of India. They all spoke fluent Hindi and were dressed like the girls from there. The 8 of them were babes, I must say, although a little too heavy on the makeup.

However they were quite annoyingly loud and obnoxious. The music was on loud and to compensate these chicks were even more louder and laughing in such a dumb manner. I wanted to turn back and tell them to shut the hell up and let me drink my cafe mocha in peace. I didn’t stay long because of the noise and decided to head for home after 20 minutes.