I just finished reading Stephen King’s novel Thinner, written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie based on this work, I suggest you go read it. The book is written in a compelling page turner of a style that even people, who don’t like King’s books or horror in general, will not be able to put the book down.

the scalphunters online The book is about an obese lawyer who accidently kills an old gypsy woman when he is distracted by his wife. The lawyer is acquitted but the gypsy’s old father puts a curse on the lawyer by saying the word ‘thinner’. The lawyer starts losing weight day by day, despite eating even more, until it finally seems like he is going to waste away. The worried and rapidly thinning lawyer must now go on the trail of the gypsies to get the old man to reverse the spell and he is willing to beg & plead for it to be reversed. But at what cost?

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Compelling, riveting, scary and a must read!