Iron Man Movie

Ok this movie will officially be the most anticipated & eagerly awaited super hero comic turns to movie for me! Yes of all time. Even more than Superman, Spider-Man christmas in wonderland movie & Batman. Why? I dunno but the moment I read about this happening, I went back to my childhood where I’ve read a few Iron Man comics and it just seems a better suited (no pun intended) super hero for me at the time. He may not be my all time favourite (that is the Flash) but still I am actually excited by the news about the movie.

The movie is directed by Jon Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark a billionaire industrialist who builds the iron suit as a means of escaping from Afghanis terrorists, who had captured him. Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrance Howard, Jeff Bridges (as the villain Iron Monger) and Samuel L Jackson also star in the movie, which is to be released by May. My only question on the casting is : Robert Downey Jr as a super hero? Don’t get me wrong, I like him and his acting. But I just never imagined him as a super hero who saves the day by beating the bad guys! Oh well, I’m sure the movie will rock though.

Pukefest 2008

I just can’t believe it!

Ok, let me fill you in the story. I was hard at work yesterday, arranging things for the session that our clients are going to take all the employees of my company through. Its a 4 hour session and the person from the client will be coming for 10 days and take a session each. We have around 420 staff in our company and so it isn’t the easiest task to organize things. Since my boss is away in Bangalore for a few days on official business, I tried doing everything I can to keep things ready for Monday. I got almost everything organized, and the two minor things left can wait until Monday morning. I sent all the mails and lists and stuff.

A couple of the newly promoted guys wanted to treat 3 of us, so they waited until 7:15 pm when I finished and we headed for the bar at Hotel Sea Gate. We ordered some vodka, 7 up and soda and one guy had beer. We had some beef to go along with it. After a few drinks, I was unsteady on my feet and headed to the loo to take a piss. A couple of minutes later, I puked all over the wash basin there.

Another guy, the host, was also sick and we then went down to catch an auto for Neil & me to come back home. It must have been past 10:30 or so by then. I puked a little on the ground while waiting for the auto and then puked twice more on the way home. Each time ofcourse, the driver stopped by the side so that I could puke properly. I felt like crap. I reached home and fell right into bed, after taking off my clothes and washing myself ofcourse. I slept fitfully until 4 am when I ran to the bathroom and puked again. I tried going back to sleep but it was of no use.

I puked a total of 10 times last night and today combined and by the end it was just water. I tried drinking some soda as I was building gas in me but a few sips brought forth another round of puking. Finally I got some medicine prescribed by an uncle who is a doctor and the security guard of my building got it for me. The meds calmed me down and I slept the entire morning away. In the afternoon I took a little ‘kanji’ (rice & water) and about 90 minutes back I had two dry toasts as I have feeling hungry. I am so tired and I had a nasty headache as well. I’ve never puked this much before and it was terrible. I think it was probably food poisoning or something.

Argh, I never want to go through that again. Not for a million bucks!