Kick Me In The Ass

21 twenty one the movie download download syngenor movie watch cyborg online Sometimes I do things that make me wanna go “D’OH!” What? It’s now a real word! I can be a classic idiot, making stupid, stupid, stupid mistakes that I regret later. How can I do something so dumb? A moron, a jackass, a nincompoop, an idiot.

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I’ve made a couple of dumb mistakes under pressure or while in a rush lately and I feel like kicking myself when I do it. Today, I literally went into the office bathroom, locked myself in the loo and actually hit myself for being a complete dodo. I can’t believe the stupid mistake I made. I need to hit myself more so that I don’t do something as dumb as this. No excuses!

Get The Funk Out!

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download the program movie When did this reunion happen? Extreme are going to release a new album, their first since 1995’s Waiting For The Punchline. The very musically tight band, aided by some biting political songs, thoughtful lyrics, have reunited with 3/4s of their original lineup – Gary Cherone (vocals), Nuno Bettencourt (guitars) & Pat Badger (bass) – and they have brought along Kevin Figueiredo on the drums. Who? I dunno but I am excited about a new album. The band had announced in November, 2007 (where the fuck was I) that they plan to commence a world tour in Spring of 2008 and the release of an, as yet, untitled album. The original lineup of the band had come together to play a few shows in 2004 and then once again in 2006 for a 3 concert reunion but it was commonly thought that the band would never get back together properly. Never say, never!