Movie Shopping

At the end of, what has been atleast for me, a long, hectic & stressful week I just wanted to get it over with and relax. Funny thing is my Saturday was much easier in comparison. I finished all of my work by 1 pm and went for lunch with some of my colleagues. After coming back it got so boring and dull that I almost dozed off. By 3:30 pm however, the HR team had planned a little fun for some of us and we played a game of Bingo!

That and some coffee woke me up and I continued at my work for some time until 5:30 pm and quitting time. Then I took a bus to Menaka stop and went into Penta Menaka to find the store that I heard was selling dvds at cheaper rates. I wanted to expand my movie collection but I didn’t want to break my bank account doing so. So I found the place and searched through their catalog for some movies to take home. Here is what I saw and what I bought. The first three are obscure movies, a trilogy based on an obscure author’s obscure book!

I had wanted to own the The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and had skipped watching them on HBO to get them together and watch them one after another. I couldn’t see them at the movie theatres here because as far as English movie are concerned the theatre scene sucks and blows! Then when I saw that they had copies of Serenity I so wanted it and got one of that. Some of my readers will remember my review of the movie which you can find here. They also had some dvds of some tv series but the only one I wanted was Regenesis; there was a dvd of the first season.

Then the guy at the counter told me that they had some mp3 cds and some gaming cds as well. I browsed through those titles and asked the guy if he had a copy of NHL 08. This and the FIFA (both from EA) were the only ones I was interested in. He had a copy of it so I bought that as well. The whole stuff cost me Rs.700 whereas I would have to pay 3 times that at the other stores. All in all a good deal.

Rain In Feb?

I wanted to post this last night. I was lying on my bed and watching a downloaded version of Star Trek II : The Wrath Of Khan (for the third time, I might add) and had hit pause to go take a leak. Standing there relieving myself, I thought I could hear the sound of rain falling. I thought to myself, “It can’t be right. It’s only February!”. I went back to my room and checked out scene beyond the windows and saw that what I had heard was right – it was raining! And rain is welcome in Cochin, so I was happy. Let the sweet rain quech the dust ridden roads of my hometown and refresh the tired trees & other plants.

I kept the windows open – bad idea since the mosquitos were biting inspite of the wind & rain. Usually they don’t come around you when it rains. Maybe they got raincoats or umbrellas or something. Some kind of protective gear. I kept watching the movie until I heard an explosion and from the corner of my eye, I could see sparks. Apparently the wind had knocked out a tree branch which feel on an electric wire and then knocked out the power to my area. Plunged in darkness, I dodged the fearce mosquitos and quickly got some protection.

I don’t mean a “rubber”! I meant a mosquito coil!

I tried going to sleep but I just couldn’t with all those mosquitos biting me. The coil did little in warding them off. I tossed and turned until the wee hours of the morning and then finally was able to sleep, although not for more than 2 hours. Cochin city looks a bit refreshed and the trees & plant life look a bit greener.