Sens Exchange Players With Hurricanes

The trade deadline is on the 26th of the month, however, the Ottawa Senators have already dealt a huge trade that involves 4 players. They might not have been in my top 10 of players I wanted to see in a Sens jersey but they are mighty close. Senators GM Bryan Murray announced the trade that brought in winger Cory Stillman and defenceman Mike Commodore from the Carolina Hurricanes and sent defenceman Joe Corvo & winger Patrick Eaves in return in a message to the NHL that Ottawa means to win the cup. The 34-year-old Stillman, from Peterborough, Ontario, won championships in consecutive seasons, with Tampa Bay in 2003-04 and then, after the lockout year, with Carolina in 2005-06, when he had 26 points (nine goals) in 25 playoff games. Stillman will be put on a line with fellow Peterborough product Mike Fisher.

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Mike Commodore also reached the 2004 & 06 finals – in the first he was part of the Calgary Flames team that lost to Stillman and Tampa. He then joined Stillman at Carolina to hoist Stanley up in 2006. The immediate plan for Commodore is to pair him with Wade Redden in an all-Western Canadian tandem.Commodore, a 28-year-old who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 230 lbs., also won a Cup with Carolina and made it to the finals against Stillman’s Lightning four years ago as a member of the Calgary Flames. You may remember his big red afro and the legions of fans along the Red Mile who wore flamboyant wigs in his honour. The new duo are expected to be in the lineup tonight when the Senators take on the Buffalo Sabres at Scotiabank Place.

Oh The Pain, The Pain!

I am in pain folks! And I am learning to type with just my right hand for the day. I injured myself while coming home last night. I left the office at 8 pm and walked across the road and then walked on the railway cross. If you remember reading a few of my earlier posts from last year, and one this year, you would know that I have had a few close calls while walking on it. Also I would have mentioned the few deaths that have happened by people who were not too careful while crossing it or who jumped to their deaths in that same area.

So, I was walking across it and then a little forward until I get to the path leading to the main road. It was quite dark, no one was with me and all I had as a form of light was the glow of my cell phone. I had done this many, many times over the last year or so. But last night, I tripped on a big rock and one of the planks that lies between the rails and fell onto the track. Hard! I hit a few hard sharp stones (that big shale or grey colour kind), my glasses slipped off my face, my phone fell away from me. It landed in three pieces – the main part, the battery and the battery flap.

Me, I was still in one piece but hurting pretty badly, especially my left arm, between my shoulder and my elbow. I groaned and moaned once or twice (only sexual groaning & moaning is acceptable, I might add) and then looked for my glasses. I found them and then looked for my phone. I managed to get all three pieces and its got to mentioned that the damn phone is working! No problems what so ever! Thank you Samsung! I picked up my bag and dragged myself back to the road and took a bus back home. My arm was burning in pain and I feared that I had a fracture. It was swollen a bit and hurt when I moved it.

So I went to the hospital near my home and had an x-ray done on my arm. No fractures. They gave me a shot (on the bum) and some painkillers and said to rest for a day or two and the pain should go away. I came back home and took the pills and then slept for 8 hours. Today, nothing much on my mind. I took the day off from work, watched the remaining 4 episodes of ReGenesis from that DVD that I bought and listened to some music while I had my coffee.