Harthal & Bandh Nation

We are the Land of Harthals & Bandhs. We will pick up a banner & a flag at the drop of a …dhoti and we will march on the streets, pledging allegiance to our political party without a moment’s thought. We will raise a hue and cry whenever we think that someone has hurt one of our religions, when someone says something that we don’t like, when a fallen dictator in another country, which most of us have never seen or have no connection with, is killed for the numerous crimes committed against humanity and his own people in particular, we will sit in a group reading newspapers & drinking hot tea while we debate the ills of other states & nations while totally oblivious about our own affairs, we will do nothing about the poor state of our roads and then hang on the doors of vehicles which have just been in an accident. We have a hundred superstitions and dumb ideologies which we disguise and then call it ‘tradition & culture’ and then call other cultures ‘weird’, we also have more rituals than you can count and individuality is frowned upon and so is progress. We have are communists dressed up as capitalists and think that elephant dung in temples is the coolest thing in the world. And we also make life difficult for the normal guy who wants to go to work, school, college, go about his normal business, cause we are Malayalees!

Gotta love it!