Notes For 12th April

  • Funny how some people affect you the most even if you have known them only for a short while.
  • Some asshole moron called me up to try and convert me to Christianity – he found out through someone who works in my office that I am an atheist – claiming that he had the answer to my ‘sufferings’ and to go and visit this nun who ran some Christianity classes. After politely saying no and getting nowhere, I kept the phone but he called again, so then he got some choice words from me!
  • It was hot & muggy for two straight days, unable to sleep due to sweating between the sheets and then – nice rain. So much more peaceful & cool.
  • Work has been slowing down for the last couple of days but the assholes still exist. I wonder if there is a product like “moron repellent”.
  • We have a long weekend (which normal to most people outside India) as Monday is ‘Vishu’ (Malayalam New Year) and so I get to relax for 2 whole days.
  • I need to go shopping for clothes!

Sens Army Losing The Battle

towelhead aka nothing is private movie After a disastrous last quarter of the regular season, Ottawa are still crumbling, unable to pick their morale & game up for the playoffs. Finishing in at 7th spot in the East, after leading it for a long time, the Sens had started losing games to all the teams, winning just enough to ensure that their tumble down the rankings didn’t end outside the top 8. All Sens fans had hoped that the playoffs would give them a renewed mission and recharge their batteries in order to gear up to the challenge of facing the youthful & exuberant Pittsburgh Penguins.

However after two games of round 1 of the playoffs in Pittsburgh, Ottawa find them selves staring at the end of a long and tough season for them. Pittsburgh leads 2-0 having scored 9 games in total while the Senators have just scored 3. The big guns in Ottawa have got to start scoring goals galore and the defense have got to support the goalie. Otherwise, we are looking at an early end to the season for us.