Humanity Hour 1 – Scorpions

The German greats, Scorpions, have returned with a bang. Probably their best album since 1993’s Face The Heat, 2007’s Humanity Hour 1 sees some mid tempo rockers and ballads rule the roost in the 12 track cd. Classic heavy sound, the twin guitar attack of Rudy & Mathais and those fabulous vocals of Klaus Maine! Its a lethal combination.

The album starts with Game Of Love a mid-tempo rocker, a good track that sets the mood. Then you have We Were Born To Fly, a melodic song with some heavy parts. You will be rocking to the Scorpions of the early 90s by this time and thanking Germany for siring these guys. The Future Never Lies is a piano heavy ballad that made me wanna reach for the lighter (wait, I don’t have one since I don’t smoke. Ok hand me my cell phone; the light on the screen will have to suffice).

A big rocker is Lovin’ Me To Death, about the wicked woman who has you in the palm of her hand. Coming out with a killer bass riff, 321 is a song that is about wanting to rock your brains out and to have a great musical time. Love With Keep Us Alive Again is probably their best song in ages, a wonderful ballad. They should definitely promote this song on video and radio. We Will Rise Again is about the everlasting life of love and how it can never be completely wiped out, that it will come back later.

It gets a bit dull with Your Last Song, a predictable semi-ballad. Love Is War is a song in a similar vein but much better than the previous song. The Cross features the vocals and the lyrics of Billy Corgan, singer of Smashing Pumpkins. The guitar styling on this track almost sounds Nu-metal at times but then falls back into that great Scorpions style. Its a cool track. But the band seems to focus all publicity on Humanity, a song that laments the status of the world and bids it good-bye as its only a matter of time before humans destroy one and another.

Truly a good album for all long time fans of the Scorps and if you haven’t heard of them listen to their greatest hits and then come here.