To Protest Or Not To Protest

I remember reading a few articles by some music journalists stating that rock stars better leave the protesting & social commentary to political-minded people and other of their ilk. That there were better equipped people and literary figures who could better put into words about the travesties of the people in power and what some dumbos will do in the name of religion. And I would tend to agree!

watch the machinist online If the musician(s) in question were some pop band, rapper or boyband (not that I would call it music). They have no place in discussing such topics. How weird would it be if Fergie of the Black-Eyed Dogs sang a song about Tibet or Iraq among the other 11 songs about her butt or her lumps? Or how about Shakira? Britney? Marc Anthony? Anyone of those shits!

Now when a rock band does it, I listen. When Pearl Jam does it, I am blown away. Or when Megadeth does it. Leave it to bands like these.

Ok U2 does it, but I can’t stand them.