With A Little Help From My F.R.I.E.N.D.S

On April 1st, I came to know that I could get cheaper dvd copies of the entire catalog of Friends at one of the places that sells a lot of these dvds in Marine Drive. Since then I was hoping to get my hands on the set and today I went and bought them. They also had the entire set for Buffy and Angel, the latter of which I will most probably be getting in a week or two. I came home at 3 pm and I have watched most of the episodes of Season 1, including one which I have never seen (“The One Where Underdog Gets Away) which is themed around Thanksgiving Day. That was strange, I thought I had seen each and every one multiple times. I also saw a couple of them which I haven’t seen in ages. Nice way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Arsenal 2 Reading 0

download pleasure of your company the aka wedding daze Loses to Liverpool, Chelsea & Manchester United have almost killed their chances for glory this season. An Arsenal side , without as many big names as previous season, started out well and seemingly played beyond their capabilities. Now out of the Champions League, courtesy of Liverpool and the league loses to the other two big sides, Arsenal will at the most finish 3rd in England. But that doesn’t mean that they are gonna take it lying down. On the contrary, the Gunners bounced back from last week’s devastating loss to Man U, by beating Reading 2-0, with Emmanuel Adebayor putting them ahead on the half hour &

Gilberto doubling the lead. With 3 games left, Arsenal are 4 points behind Chelsea and 7 behind Manchester.