Are They Gone?

Hurray, my blog has been spam free all of a sudden. Both the anti-spam plugins that I installed didn’t seem to be working the way that I wanted them to. There were still quite a few spam comments coming in to my WordPress dashboard and I spent at least 10 minutes per day in deleting them. Now, all of a sudden, the spam bots don’t seem to be working anymore! Or something! I am not complaining; I have been bug free for about 10 days now. Whoopeee!!

Check That Clock

I got an invite in my mail inbox to test out a web application called TSheets, who are sponsering FuelMyBlog. Tsheets is a web-based timesheet system that turns ANY PC or mobile device into a time clock, that is ideal for tracking hourly time for employees, salaried employees, contractors, or your own time. They are offering a contest, which I have no chance of winning but it sounded interesting, so I thought “why not?”.

They also want to know, what I do in the first 5 minutes of my working day so here goes:

  • Once I reach the office, I have to sign the register located at the security desk and then use my access card to get in.
  • I then walk over to my desk and place my bag next to my chair and switch my computer on and log in to the network.
  • Checking & answering mail is a huge part of my work and so I do that.
  • I also look into the corporate intraweb’s home page, which has a section on birthdays. If someone I know / like has a birthday that day, I make sure to send a greeting by email.
  • I try to sort out the more important tasks, which usually comes to me in emails and set aside the ones that I need to check with my boss to reply / solve.
  • By then I would be saying hi to many of my colleagues and my team decides what activities we need to do for the day and decide what time we want to meet up for lunch so we can chat.
  • Ogle at a couple of girls I find to be so attractive.

And that’s about it for a typical work day for me!

Band Names

Ever wonder how your favourite bands got their names? Well, from a mail I received, here’s the dirt on some of my favs:

A band member saw AC/DC on a sewing machine. It stood for ‘Alternating Current / Direct Current’. The band didn’t realize it was also slang for bi-sexual, which caused a few misunderstandings in their early days.

Drummer, Joey Kramer used to write “aerosmith” on his high school notebooks because he thought it sounded cool. When he proposed the name to the group, the rest of them said “What? Like that book they make you read in high school?” (the 1925 book, ‘Arrowsmith’ by Sinclair Lewis) Kramer responded “No. A-e-r-o smith…”

The band say the name was spelled out by their Ouija Board. After they split up, lead singer Vincent Furnier started using it as a solo act.


Their name describes the financial situation they were in when forming the

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Named after a medieval torture device. It was a box big enough to admit a man, with folding-doors which were studded with sharp iron spikes. When the doors were closed, these spikes were forced into the body of the victim, who was left there to die in horrible torture.

According to lead singer, Eddie Vedder, “The name is in reference to the pearl itself… and the natural process from which a pearl comes from. Basically, taking excrement or waste and turning it into something beautiful.”

Do you know any?